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  • Do you practice situational awareness?

    You have purchased a stun gun, taser, or pepper spray, now what? To begin with, practice with your device. Read all the instructions and practice discharging your device into the air. This will help you get used to the sound so it doesn't scare you and you will become familiar with what to do when you are threatened.

    Also, practice yelling at an attacker. Tell them to get away. Tell them you have a taser gun or pepper spray. Practice fire your stun gun to try to scare them away. Get the picture? The way you practice is how you will act in a real life situation. If you don't practice, you may freeze with the stress of being threatened or attacked and have no idea what to do. The key is to be prepared so that you know exactly what to do!

    practice with weaponThe next thing to do is to learn about situational awareness and use it every day. You need to be able to detect a threat and be aware of a possible threat.

    What is situational awareness?

    It is your perception of the world around you. For example, being aware of who is near you, cognizant of what they are wearing and if they seem to be acting appropriately for their location and time of day.

    Here are some situational awareness skills that will help you remain aware of your surroundings:

    Constantly be aware of your surroundings by looking around, not down at your feet or your phone. Observe your surroundings. Really look at people and what they are doing. But try not to be obvious and stare.

    While looking around, determine if there is anything or anyone that is an anomaly or displaying unusual behaviors. For example, a guy in a trench coat on a warm day. Or someone who is fidgeting or keeps looking over their shoulders in a restaurant. Keep an eye on these people.

    If you have headphones on, make sure to only use one side so that the other ear can hear what is going on around you. Headphones are extremely distracting, making you an easy target.

    When you enter a building or restaurant, make a mental note of the entrances and exits. This allows you to make a quick getaway if needed.

    Whenever possible, position yourself with your back against a wall. This prevents an attack from behind.

    When walking in a dark area, use a flashlight to light up the darkness.

    Keep your weapon of choice where it is easy to use. Carry it in your hand or a place where it is easily and quickly accessible.

    Follow your intuition. If a situation seems fishing, it probably is. Stay alert.

    Be alert to anyone trying to distract you. Someone may be working with them to harm you or steal from you. Or they may be doing something else while focusing your attention elsewhere.

    Once you get used to practicing these behaviors, they will come naturally to you. These tactics may still not keep your from being attacked, but they will prevent you from being taken completely off guard or harmed physically, especially if your weapon of choice is in your hand. It will also improve your decision making ability during a stressful situation.

    Check out this video below to see how good you are at situational awareness.





  • Carrying Personal Protection is a Must in Today's World

    Now, more than ever in our history, we are susceptible to attack from the people surrounding us. We never know who, where, or when there will be an attack. I'm not only talking about a terrorist attack. People in our cities are restless, jobless, and unhappy about their own circumstances. We are at war within our own country. Every time you walk out your door, you never know who will cross your path and what they are planning. Even without a plan, people may act on an opportunity you give them by being distracted by your cell phone, child, another person, or whatever you are doing.

    phone distraction

    First, we have to remain vigilant. Be constantly aware of your surroundings! Make eye contact with people, so they know you see them. Keep your eyes on your surroundings instead of your cell phone. When making a call, continue to look around you. When you are distracted, thieves or attackers are given the perfect opportunity to steal from you or harm you.

    Watch the lady and young kid in this video. She is completely oblivious to what he is doing! Most of us are totally unaware of what is happening around us and could be taken advantage of just like this lady. Don't let this happen to you!!

    Secondly, carry personal protection! There are many varieties of self defense devices that you may legally carry depending on where you live. You can carry lethal and non lethal products. Check your local laws before purchasing a device.

    There are many, many choices for non lethal products. Personal alarms, whistles, and stabbing devices, such as kubotans, on your keychain are legal everywhere. Pepper spray is legal in most areas and comes in a variety of styles. Carry it on your keychain, or in your pocket or purse. It comes in many different sizes and types, such as a stream, gel, foam, or fogger. Stun guns and taser guns also come in many sizes and styles. These devices are more regulated, but are still considered non lethal. Again, check your local laws. If you plan to travel with these devices, check with the laws of the states of which you are visiting or traveling through.

    Once you buy a device, practicing with it will give the best odds of using it properly when attacked. Many people buy stuff and just chunk it in their purse or carry it on their keychain without ever using it. That isn't a good idea. You need to know how the device works, what to expect, how to use it on an assailant. If you have never handled your device, when you are attacked, stress may cause your mind to go blank and even forget that your are carrying a device. Take it out of the package and pretend you are being attacked. Fire the device. Know how it feels in your hand. Know what the device does. When going about your day, keep the device handy in case your need it. Carry it in your hand while walking to your car, or taking a walk in a park. Get the idea?!

    Your probably wondering, "How do I decide what to carry?" Just do some research. There is a lot of information on the internet about which products people like and don't like. For the most part, pepper spray is pepper spray. It may be a different brand or color, but they are all hot and work pretty much the same. The best stun guns and taser guns really depends on the person. Some people may be uncomfortable carrying something large and need one of the smaller devices. Just look around on the internet and see what other people are saying about specific products. For a smaller company, such as ours, you can call and talk to someone about the different devices available and the features to figure out which one is best for you. Regardless, of what product you decide to carry for self defense, it is better to carry something than nothing!

    Happy shopping!








  • Best Self Defense Weapon to Carry

    personal safety productsTaser Guns for Personal Protection

    Why carry a stun gun?

    With all the unrest today, with threats of terrorism, crimes increasing, and people fearing for their personal safety, more and more people are opting to carry weapons. Some are comfortable carrying handguns, but many would rather carry a non-lethal self defense product. On our website, you will find many options of less than lethal weapons. Some of the various products we sell are stun guns, tasers (the prongs attach to the attacker), pepper spray, tear gas, kubotans, and personal screecher alarms.

    Personal protection is definitely something you need to plan. You may never need to defend yourself against an attacker, but if you are attacked and not prepared, you will instantly regret not planning ahead. So do your research and purchase your personal safety device today!

    The advantage of a stun gun is that you many not even have to use it on someone to scare them away. Most people will flinch at the sound of the "zap" of a stun gun being discharged. It is a loud, cracking sound and you can see the bright charge between the electrodes. Just discharging the electricity for a second may make the attacker run the other way because the thought of electrical shock is very unpleasant. If you do have to use it, they will be cringing in pain, giving you time to get away to safety.

    We have many varieties of stun guns. One of our bestseller's is the Runt Rechargeable Stun Gun with Flashlight.

    Its flashlight is a very bright 100 lumen lamp, so shining that in someone's eyes will cause temporary vision disruption which may give you just enough time to either shock the attacker or run away.

    The sliding button on the side has 3 positions: bottom position is off, middle position turns on the flashlight, and the top position activates the electricity. When the electric charge is active, the red led light turns on, making you aware that it is ready to shock an attacker. All you have to do now is press the shock button and you will hear a "zap" sound and see the electrical discharge between the probes.

    A safety feature on the runt that is not available with all taser guns is the wrist strap and disable pin. The pin is connected to the wristband and must be inserted into the bottom of the stun gun in order for it to shock. If an attacker somehow pulls your device from your hand, the pin will dislodge making your stun gun unusable. Therefore your attacker can't use your device against you.

    As with all of our products, when you buy one, be sure to read all the instructions, then practice using your device. It is extremely important to practice! The way you practice is how you will react in a time of stress, when you actually need to use your non-lethal weapon. As you practice, only discharge the device into the air for 1 second at a time. Discharging it longer may damage your device and will void the LIFETIME WARRANTY.

    How do I use a taser gun?

    Touch an attacker with the metal electrodes on the end of the device while pressing the button. You can touch the assailant anywhere, even through thin clothing, but it is best to aim for large muscles on the upper body. Yes, I know the thought of needing to be that close to an attacker is scary. But if he is trying to get your purse or hurt you he will be close anyway, so make him pay for his decision!

    One important fact to remember is that when your stun gun is in direct contact with someone's body and you press the button to shock them, you will NOT hear the zap sound like when discharging in the air. But you will see them cringe in pain, which is your evidence that it worked. Also note, you can not be shocked, even if the person is holding on to you.

    The longer you touch an assailant with your stun gun, the more effect it will have. Touching a person with the device for 1/2-1 second will startle them and cause some pain and muscle contractions. A longer touch of 2-4 can cause more intense pain and the person may become confused and fall to the ground. Zapping them for 5 seconds or more can cause intense pain, disorientation, and loss of muscle control.

    The runt rechargeable stun gun flashlight combo is ready to use right out of the box. It is a good idea to fully charge the stun gun for no more than 8 hours. Overcharging will shorten the life span of the battery. To charge, press in and slide the button on the bottom of the device. The two prong charger will slide out and you can plug it into any electrical outlet.

    Educate yourself about tasers while shopping for one. They come in a variety of amps and voltages. An ampere or amp is the measure of quantity of electrical current. The higher the amps, the stronger the current. Voltage is the push behind the electricity. The higher the voltage, the stronger the effectiveness. Higher voltage is required to penetrate thick clothing. The higher the amps the more lethal the weapon. Stun gun are non-lethal weapons because they have low amps and high voltage. The higher the voltage, the more effective the stun gun. So buy the highest amps and highest voltage stun gun you can afford.

    Our Runt Stun Guns are 4.5 milliamps and 20 million volts, making them one of the strongest stun guns available. It may be small in size, but it packs a powerful punch. Its measurements are 4 ¼” x 1 5/8” x 1”, which fits in the palm of the hand. Its small size makes it a perfect self defense product for men and women of any age, young adult to elderly.

    The runt is light with a rubberized coating, making it easy to carry on your belt, in your pocket, or purse. A black nylon belt holster is included.

    It is available in 6 great colors: red, pink, purple, green, blue, and black.

    Research stun gun laws in your area. Many states have restrictions on the use of these devices. You must be 18 years or older to carry and use a stun gun.

    Here at Firehouse Personal Safety Products, we want you to feel comfortable with your purchase. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Email us at luis@firehousesafety.com or phone at 214-729-4991. We love to hear from our customers!




  • Less than Lethal Personal Safety Products

    Non Lethal Self Defense Weapons

    Many people want to carry a weapon for personal protection or self defense. Carrying in gun can be scary. But there are many different non-lethal weapon options that we sell online at Firehouse Personal Safety Products. In fact, we started this company to provide quality options to the public at a great price. The ease of buying online is a bonus. And many of our products have a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

    When searching for non-lethal weapon options, you will have many questions. And you should.

    What are your options? Pepper Spray, Stun Gun, or Tasers come in many different varieties. They vary in strength, style, color, and size.

    Best Pepper Spray

    Here is some information so that you can find the best pepper spray for you. Pepper spray is a liquid containing oleoresin capsicum which is made from hot peppers such as cayenne, jalapenos, serrano, and habanero peppers. It is often referred to with these common names: mace, OC spray, or capsicum spray. We sell three brands on our website: Mace, Wildfire, and Pepper Shot.

    These products are available in different spray patterns: stream, gel, fog, cone, and foam. Each pattern has its own advantages.

    Stream is best used outdoors because the water gun like stream makes it less likely to be blow back towards you. If the device doesn't specify that it is a different pattern, then it is a stream spray.

    Gel generally sprays farther than a stream and is even less likely to hit unintended targets such as yourself or bystanders. It's a gooey substance that sticks to the target. This is the best outdoor product because it is usually unaffected by gentle winds.

    Fog/Fogger is great for home defense. Generally animal sprays are foggers due to it covering a large area, so it doesn't require the best aim. It is also very useful with multiple attackers or intruders. However, the fog spray is highly likely to come back at you if you don't leave the area quickly.

    Cone spray pattern is similar to the pattern of an aerosol hair spray. It's advantage is that is covers a wide area so doesn't require very accurate aim.

    Foam sprays like a shaving cream and provides great facial coverage. A drawback is that you have to be much closer to your target.

    Stun Gun vs Taser

    First thing that usually comes to mind when thinking about stun guns is are they legal? The answer is it depends on your state of residence. This page will give you info about your state.

    The second question is how do I know how strong a device is? The strength of a stun gun comes from its amperage and voltage. When referring to electricity what is deadly is high amperage. All stun guns are low amps which makes them non-lethal. The voltage is the push of the electricity. The higher the voltage,the faster and more effective the stun gun. Higher voltages can also go through thicker clothing. Although all stun guns will be effective through one layer of thin clothing. Make it a point to buy the highest voltage stun gun you can afford.

    Stun guns are often referred to as tasers. This is somewhat correct...all stun guns are tasers, but not all tasers are stun guns. True tasers are guns that shoot prongs that attach to the attacker and shock them. This is a huge advantage of a taser vs a stun gun. However, the price difference is also huge. Tasers can be expensive. In order to incapacitate your attacker with a stun gun you will have to come in contact with them. The one advantage is that discharging your stun gun in the air will make a loud zapping or popping sound and you will see the electrical arc between the probes. This may be enough to scare the attacker away.

    Some stun guns come with disable pins that dislodge if it is taken from you. This renders the device useless so it can't be used on you. Many are in combination with a flashlight, look like a flashlight or tube of lipstick, or have other features such as a loud alarm.

    With all the choices of self defense available, one can easily be confused when shopping. Firehouse Personal Safety Products is here to help you. Please email us at luis@firehousesafety.com or call us at 214-729-4991 with any questions.

  • Pepper Spray Use

    Are you considering pepper spray as a form of personal protection? Pepper spray is very effective when used properly, causing the attacker to involuntarily shut their eyes, experience difficulty breathing and extreme pain. Be familiar with proper use by practicing how you would use your device. When you practice, it creates muscle memory. Therefore, when you are in a stressful situation, you will automatically know how to use your device in self defense.

    Here are some tips:

    Buy a practice canister of pepper spray. If you buy a pepper spray gun, you can also purchase a practice canister of water. We do sell some other practice sprays. But if you want to get the exact feel for the product you will carry, you will need to buy two of the same product: one for practice and one for protection. Practice shooting the device by holding it close to your body, aiming, and pressing the trigger with your thumb. By holding it in your hand and using your thumb on the trigger, you will have much more secure grip and can control the aim. Also, the attacker has less ability to knock it from your hand or grab it from you.

    Use a target like one for shooting ranges, so that you can learn to aim for the eyes. Shooting the spray in the eyes will cause temporary blindness as you run away. Practice spraying from side to side, giving you more of a chance of making proper contact with the assailant.

    Practice escaping. Change your position as your spray. Back up and/or move side to side. Even though the attacker can't see you, he may still lunge at you. By moving you have a better chance of escaping.

    Success in getting away from an attacker relies on the device your purchase and how comfortable you are with it. Practice makes perfect, right? So get pepper spray for your key ring today and protect yourself!

  • Armband Lights protect you at night!


    Staying active is so important for your health. Many people are choosing running or cycling for their aerobic activity. If you work full time, often the only time you have to exercise during the week is at night. Outdoor activities at night can be dangerous. If you are running at night in the dark, you may not be visible to drivers. Trying to cross a street at the corner can be deadly, especially when you are in the zone, listening to music and focusing on your run. We have your personal safety in mind! Our product, the Safe Steps Armband Light is exactly what you need to keep you safe when running at night. Wear one on each arm to make sure cars can see you from either side.

    Our Armband Lights come in one size, one size fits most. There is an adjustable strap to tighten the band to fit your arm. The lights have 2 modes, flashing or steady on. The lights are available in 5 colors, white, red, green, yellow, and blue.  Mix and match the colors for fun.

    While you are running at night, also think about self defense. You are more vulnerable at night, but even during the day you may want to carry personal protection. We have many, many choices of non lethal self defense products. Most of our products are unisex; tasers, stun guns, pepper sprays. Specifically for women, we have Lipstick Stun Guns and Lipstick Pepper Sprays, which look like a tube of lipstick, but they pack a punch. Whatever your safety need, we have a solution. At Firehouse Safety, we care about your safety!







  • Personal Safety for Women

    Now guys don't feel left out. This post is for you as well because we want to keep YOUR woman safe. Don't you?

    I'm not saying women are more vulnerable. We can hold our own! But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't arm ourselves with a non lethal self defense product to give us an advantage over an attacker.

    Put yourself in these possible scenarios: walking through a parking garage at the mall with purchases in hand and a small child in tow, walking alone through a dimly lit parking lot to your car, walking alone at night to your car after a long day at work. We all do stuff like this which makes us vulnerable to a person lurking around, waiting for an opportunity like the one you've just given him. Take your personal safety into your own hands today with our Lipstick Stun Gun!

    Our Stun Master Lipstick Stun Guns come in 5 beautiful colors: Pink, Purple, Black, Red, and Gold. Just pull off the top to reveal 2 buttons: the green button is a bright flashlight and the red button is the stun gun. Use the flashlight to as a self defense product by shining into someone's eyes. They will be temporarily blinded by the light. Trigger the stun gun and the "zap" sound may cause a would-be attacker to change his mind and run off. If not, touch him with it anywhere, even through his clothes, and he will temporarily experience intense pain and lose muscle control. Then, RUN! Your goal is to get away as fast as you can!

    Ladies, you need this stun gun for your personal safety! Your daughter going off to college needs this for her personal safety! Don't become a victim!


  • Parking lot safety

    You are walking through the parking lot to your car after a long, tiring day of work, while being absorbed in your phone checking your missed texts. Little do you know there is a attacker lurking around, who sees you as the perfect victim because you are totally unaware of your surroundings. Scary scenario?! Yes it is! But it happens everyday!

    Pay attention while walking to and from your car! Not everyone is comfortable carrying a firearm. Protect yourself with a non-lethal self defense product such as a kubotan or pepper spray! We have the perfect products to carry on your key-chain. For less than $10, you can have the protection you need to keep you safe! Don't be caught without a way to defend yourself against an attacker! Here at Firehouse Personal Safety Products, we sell a wide variety of non-lethal self defense products. Buy now before it's too late! See the video below of an attack that occurred in a mall parking lot. Don't let this happen to you!

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  • Don't become a victim!

    Don't become a victim! Pepper spray is an inexpensive, effective way to protect yourself against a criminal.
    #pepperspray #dontbecomeavictim #mace

  • Visit our website in 2017!

    Here at Firehouse Personal Safety Products, we hope 2017 started off well and continues to bring prosperity and happiness!

    This year we plan to be visual at some community gun shows. We hope to meet with people to find out how we can best serve current and new customers and get some feedback on what you think about our products. We have lots of products from which to choose to help you stay safe this year.

    Responsibility for self defense lies in our own hands. You must prepare for the moment we all hope never happens. Don't get caught off guard in a life threatening situation without protection because you procrastinated in purchasing self defense products such as a stun gun, pepper spray, or mace you been checking out on our website. The time to buy is now!

    Our prices are competitive and shipping is free when you spend $100. Have our products shipped directly to your home for free. Can't be any easier to take your self defense into your own hands, than shopping from your recliner and getting a package at your door!

    We care about your safety and want to serve you!

    Have questions?

    Send us a message at  luis@firehousesafety.com or give us a call at 214-729-4991.


  • Welcome to Firehouse Safety!

    Our new company is finally getting off the ground! We are happy to introduce Firehouse Safety! We are excited to provide you with many of the latest and greatest products in self defense. We see our world changing rapidly before our eyes.  We are interested in keeping our family and friends safe whether we are at home, going to and from work or school, or on vacation. Our safety is a priority. We started this business to extend that safety to all of us law abiding citizens who understand that danger is lurking among us.

    Search our website for non-lethal weapons or surveillance products. To name a few, we sell stun guns, tasers, pepper spray, animal repellents, alarms, and surveillance cameras. Please feel free to ask us questions about our business or products.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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