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Are dummy cameras effective?

A fake or "dummy" camera is more effective than none at all. There is no real way to determine if a fake camera deters thiefs except to surveil a dummy cam with a real one. But hey, if it deters even just one burglar, it has paid for itself because they aren't expensive. You can always add them to a real surveillance system cheaply. Buy dummy cameras that look similar to your real ones. Placing real cams at entrances, exits, and near expensive stuff is best practice. Then add dummy cameras in other strategic places that may further deter theft.

They are also effective when used inside the home for babysitters/nannies. They will think you are watching and be more likely to act accordingly.

But let me add that if you have a legitimate reason to use cameras, such as high crime area, suspicion of criminal activity, or harmful goings-on in your home, please get a recording camera; buy surveillance camera system.

Are dummy cameras legal?

Not in all cases. Fake cameras can make you legally liable if something occurs under the pretense of a person having a false sense of security. They may think they are safe due to camera in place, yet there is actually no security at all. For example, if someone leaves their car in view of a "camera" and it is broken into, they may sue you because they thought they were leaving it in a safer place due to surveillance. As crazy as it sounds, it happens. So before you use a fake camera, make sure you have done your research about the best solution to your problem.

Do dummy cameras deter thieves?

In a study conducted in San Francisco, it was noted that dummy surveillance cameras reduced property crimes. Therefore, if a dummy camera truly looks like a real camera, yes, it would work to deter thieves. With that said, if you are in a high crime area or have already experienced a robbery, it is recommended that you invest in a wired or wireless surveillance system rather than a fake one.

What are bug detectors?

A bug detector is an electronic device that uses radio frequencies to detect electronic spy devices or "bugs".

Are bug detectors legal?

Yes, it is legal to have and use a bug detector. It is the bug that is illegal due to wiretapping laws. It is federal crime to record a conversation without consent, unless you are part of that conversation. This is called "one-party consent". Therefore, you can only legally record a conversation between yourself and another.

How do bug detectors work?

Electromagnetic signals are emitted from electronic devices, including bugs. So if you are sweeping for a device make sure other electronics are turned off. When the detectors picks up a signal, depending on the detector, it will light up, vibrate, beep, or alarm to alert the user that a bug has been found.

Do electronic bug detectors work?

Yes, they work well in detecting the type of bug it is made to detect. Audio, video, and GPS bugs all use different frequencies. Therefore, the bug detector specific for each type look for a different frequency.

What are dome cameras?

They are cameras mounted inside a rounded shaped apparatus or dome that can be tinted to hide the position of the camera. These devices can surveil a 360 degree area.

Are dome or bullet cameras better?

Bullet cameras can be easier to mount because they have a mounting handle that you attach to the wall. Once mounted, you can move the camera to view the area you want. Most of these are weatherproof making them good for indoors and outdoors. However, they tend to be more obtrusive than the dome cams. Dome cameras are more sleek and are less noticeable. Dome cameras are slightly harder to mount and can be mounted to the ceiling for a 360 view of a room. Bullet cameras generally have a large viewing area capability, making them the better choice for viewing a large yard or parking lot. The best choice depends on the purpose of surveillance.

Can dome cameras be mounted on a wall?

Yes, they can be mounted on a wall either flat or with a special L bracket that holds the device as if it were mounted on the ceiling.

Can dome cameras be used outside?

Yes, many of these devices are waterproof. But you will want to make sure the area is covered because rain will cause water spots on the dome impeding the view.

Do dome security cameras rotate?

Yes, they do, which is the advantage of these cameras. Many of them have a blacked out shield which conceals the direction the camera is pointing. When you are mounting it, you can point it at any direction you want. There are different types, one of which being a PTZ, point, tilt, and zoom. This type often has an automatic tracking feature, which means it detects motion from an object, zooms in, and follows the object.

How far can dome cameras see?

How far they can see or the "field of view" depends on the focal length of the lens. There a two types of lens in security cameras, fixed and varifocal. A fixed lens has a field of view that does not change. A varifocal lens is adjustable. You can make the field of view smaller or larger. How clearly they can see near or far is called resolution. How clearly they see will depend on the camera specifics.

Do dome cameras have audio?

Cameras don't generally have audio because the laws about this are very strict. You can add a microphone to capture audio, but check local and state laws before you do. It is a federal crime to record a conversation without consent per wiretapping laws. However, you can record conversations in which one party has consented, such as when you are interviewing a person. In general you have to inform customers, employees, or residents that are being recorded by audio and video. Also, recording in "private" areas is completely illegal. No recording of any form is allowed in bathrooms, bedrooms, changing rooms, or any other place that one expects privacy.

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