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Personal Safety

Protect yourself with the best personal safety devices such as alarms, animal pepper spray, fighting instructional DVDs, personal safety lights, sling shots, and more.

What are personal alarms?

Personal alarm devices emits a loud sound that draws attention to a situation or crisis. You can use it if you are being attacked or having a medical crisis.

Are personal alarms effective?

Yes, they are effective in scaring off criminals who don't want to get caught in the act. They are also effective to scare away dogs who don't like the sound.

Personal alarms are good products for elderly people to use for medical issues especially. The loud alarm will call attention to the person using it so that others can get them the help needed.

How do you turn it off once it has been activated?

Most personal alarms have a special button that will turn it off.

Does animal pepper spray work?

Yes, it works on animals by causing some burning and irritating effects. These products are made specifically for animals and are considered humane. Both canine and bear spray has the same pepper product as human spray, but it is in much less concentration. It isn't meant to incapacitate the animals, just to deter them and make them run away. 

Bear spray is usually made to shoot farther than dog or human pepper spray because who wants to get close to a bear.

Are slingshots legal?

Here is a website that has info on the legality of slingshot usage: Slingshots

In some states slingshots are not allowed in any capacity. Those are as follows: Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

How do child trackers work?

Child trackers are wearable safety devices that can help you keep an eye on your child or elderly person. You still have to watch the wearer of the bracelet, but it will assist you if they wander off out of your site or if someone is enticing them to leave the area.

Download an app on your iPhone (supports up to 4 units at once) or Android (supports 1 unit at a time). When your child or elderly relative is wearing the tracker watch, they can press the button to alert you by your cell phone that they are in trouble or need help. Also, if the wristband goes outside the preset area, you will receive an alert on your phone.

What are security scanners?

Security scanners are metal detectors used for detection of iron, non-iron, and stainless steel weapons, and other metal objects. Most known for use at airports, they are also great for schools, bars, clubs, and corporate events.

What do airport security scanners detect?

The purpose of airport scanners is to detect metal weapons, contraband, and bombs or bomb making material.

What are safety lights?

Safety lights are wearable personal protection devices for night time activities. You can wear lighted armbands or clip on shoe lights. Safety lights are also available for pets and bicycles. Most safety lights have blinking or steady on modes.

Why should i wear safety lights at night?

When you are running, jogging, or walking at night, drivers may not see you. To make yourself visible to drivers, you need to wear light clothing and safety lights. Exercising outside is great for your health, but not if you get hit by a car as a result.

Are steel batons illegal?

Many places in the United States have prohibited offensive weapons laws which allows you to carry certain weapons such as expandable batons, but they become illegal if you use or intend to use the device in an offensive manner resulting in additional charges or stiffer consequences.

Attributed to: My Self Defense

As with any personal safety device, check your local laws before carrying and using a weapon. In most states the laws are different if you are in your home and protecting yourself vs carrying a weapon or protecting yourself in public.

What is in safe life family kits?

The contents of each kit is different. There are 4 kits: College Survival, Safety for Women, Apartment Survival, and Vehicle Safety. They all include multiple types of the best personal safety devices: pepper spray, a diversion safe, personal alarm, safety reports, and product instructional DVD.


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