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Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are highly effective self defense tools in monitoring an area in your home or business, revealing intruders, watching babysitters, and catching thieves in the act! You can buy hidden cameras online now; you don't even have to go to the busy store.

What are hidden cameras?

Hidden cameras are surveillance products usually hidden in everyday objects, such as flower pots, air fresheners, alarm clocks, pens, watches, smoke detectors,etc.

Can you buy hidden cameras?

Yes, there are many companies that sell them. You can buy hidden cameras online here at Firehouse Personal Safety Products. Or you can check out other places such as Best Buy, Amazon, Home Depot, and Spy Stores.

Are hidden cameras allowed in the workplace?

Yes, but there are restrictions. Cameras are usually used in the workplace to prevent theft and for security purposes. In these cases, surveillance is allowed with
notification to the workers. Employers can legally monitor common areas such as retail sales arean, aisles of grocery store, store exits, bank counters, etc. Any area in which employees don't expect privacy while doing their jobs is typically legal. Privacy protected areas may include restrooms, changing areas, and breakrooms.

Employers are not allow to monitor union activities.

Some states have laws that limit how and where workers can be monitored.

Is it legal to use a hidden camera or "nanny cam" in your home?

It is illegal to record someone, if you have intent to blackmail or other malicious intent. In general, it is legal to record someone in your home without their consent as long as it isn't in areas where privacy is expected, such as restrooms and bedrooms.

There is also a distinction between video and audio recording, the later of which is not always legal.

Can hidden cameras work in dark?

Cameras with built in infrared technology work in the dark. The camera will say specifically made for night vision.

Can hidden cameras be detected?

The most straightforward way to find a hidden lens using a light source is to turn off the lights and pan a flashlight around the room. Go slowly, and examine suspicious places from multiple angles. If you see glints of light where there shouldn't be — areas where there are no mirrors, glass or other reflective surfaces — you may have found a camera.

Make your search easier by using a camera-detecting app on your smartphone. These apps use your smartphone's flash to light up camera lenses and help you detect them, though many have received negative reviews, which speaks to how tough it can be to spot a hidden camera. For iPhone, there's Hidden Camera Detector ($3.99); for Android, try Glint Finder (free, with advertisements).

A professional-quality hidden camera detector is both easier to use and more effective. You can get one for around $100.

Attributed to: Techlicious

Do hidden cameras flash?

Some hidden cameras do have lights on them. When you hide them, make sure you hide the light, otherwise, they may be detected.

Do they make noise?

Some motion detection cameras make a clicking sound when they turn on. The sound is easy to hear in a perfectly quiet room, but not if there is a certain amount of noise present.

Do they need power?

Yes, they do need power. The power source depends on the camera.

How long can they record?

Recording time really depends on the camera. Cameras that have a standby mode tend to last longer than one that constantly records. Some have built in DVRs that specify recording time. Others use SD cards. With the SD card, you can purchase a large card for longer recording.

How much do hidden cameras cost?

The cost all depends on size and features. They can cost from $10 to near $1,000.

What hidden camera should I buy?

Buy a hidden camera that will easily blend into the environment in which you want to record activity. Next you need to think about what features you want: night vision? built in dvr recording? SD card recording? motion detection?

Where do I buy hidden cameras for my home?

You can buy these products may different places such as here at Firehouse Personal Safety Products, Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Spy Stores.

Where to put hidden cameras?

Placement really depends on what you want to record. Place it in an area where it blends into the background.

Some good places are on hanging lights from the ceiling since people rarely look up. Other places to consider are a living room end table, near the tv,  on a book shelf, or inside a flower pot.

Get creative and let us know what ideas you have.

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