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Home Protection

Protect your valuables and your home with our diversion safes and sound alarms.

What is a diversion safe?

These are safes that look like an ordinary household product, but with a secret compartment for hiding money, jewelry, or other valuables.

There are many, many different types, such as WD40 can, soda can, hair brush, hair spray, water bottle, flower pot, coffee mug, shaving cream, etc.

Do diversion safes work?

Statistics show that burglars only spend 8 minutes inside homes they are robbing. Having valuables in a diversion safe works because they aren't out in the line of site of a burglar. Robbers quickly grab valuables that are obvious, electronics, money, or jewelry laying around. They will glance right past the wall clock, picture, book, soda can, or many other varities of diversion safes.

What is a motion sensor alarm?

A motion sensor alarm detects movement in a specified area, which in turn sets off an alarm. Make sure this alarm monitors areas where there are valuables, such as in the location of a safe. That way you protect them with safes and sound alarms.

How do motion sensor alarms work?

There are two popular types of motion sensor alarms.

Passive infrared motion sensors detect heat and movement in the area surrounding the device. The alarm is tripped when the infrared energy level changes. Microwave motion sensors send out microwave pulses and measure the reflection off moving objects. Some of these alarms combine the two technologies into one product to reduce false alarms.

What is a break glass alarm?

A break glass alarm when attacked to a window pane will sound an alarm when the glass is tampered with or broken. Use these as a visual detterent of burglars in your home or business.

How do break glass alarms work?

They have bulit in vibration sensors. If something taps your window or breaks it, the alarm will sound.

Do glass break alarms work?

Yes, they work great when they are properly installed.

What is a wireless home security system?

A fully wireless system uses individual sensors throughout the home which communicate wirelessly to the central control panel, typically using radio frequency technology. The control panel will then communicate wirelessly to the outside world using a cellular "uplink." Essentially, your system will have a cell phone of its own.

A fully hardwired alarm system connects the sensors to the control panel with a network of wires, concealed within the walls and floors of your home, and then to the outside world using your home's telephone line.

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Can wireless home security systems be hacked?

Of course when something is wireless, it can be hacked. Here are some ways to prevent hacking.

  • Set your router for max security by changing the default settings for the IP address and password. Never use default setting.
  • Enable "encryption" on your router.
  • Keep your software up to date so you have the latest and greatest system with tamper-resistance and jamming-device detection.
  • Make all your home security passcodes unique and change them regularly.

Are wireless home security systems reliable?

Hard wired systems are considered to be the most reliable system. There is less that can go wrong as there are no batteries in the sensors, weak signals or radio transmitters to worry about.

When wireless systems were first introduced they had issues with false alarms and interference from other radio signals but they are now much more robust and this is not such a big problem – the difference between the systems is not that great now. Many have their own wireless technology that means other household appliances won’t interfere with the signal.

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Do barking dog alarms work?

There are a couple of different reasons why this would deter a criminal.

Many robbers are simply afraid of dogs. This criminal won't give your home a second thought if they hear a dog barking. Also, when a burglar wants to enter your home, he wants to do so quietly. This alarm will prevent that. He won't want to come in if there is a ruckus.

Do pool alarms work?

Yes, they work, but the effectiveness depends on your pool and type of alarm. For example, some alarms sit in the pool and detect if someone gets in the water. In addition, they have remotes that a parent can have inside in a visible spot that will alert them if the alarm goes off. This allows a parent to know the pool has been breached even if they can't hear the alarm at the pool.

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