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Lipstick Stun Guns

Are lipstick tasers real?

Yes, they are real, but they may not be what you expect. A lipstick taser is a stun gun that looks like a large makeup tube. It does not shoot prongs like in the movie. You have to make contact with someone with the device for it to work. The taser featured on the movie Despicable Me is not real. Shooting tasers are available to the public, but they look quite a bit different than the Despicable Me lipstick taser. But the clip from the movie is quite cute as you can see below.

What is lipstick taser?

A lipstick taser stun gun is a non lethal self defense weapon that can be used to shock a criminal or attacker with an electrical current to enable you to get away to safety. Take the top off to expose the prongs. There is a button on the side that slides up to make the stun gun active. It comes equipped with a flashlight in addition to the stunning feature. This enables you to shine a light in an attacker's eyes to temporarily blind them or simply just to light up a dark place.

Do lipstick tasers work?

Yes, they work just like any other taser stun gun. They just happen to be disguised as makeup.

Where do I buy a lipstick tazer?

You can buy lipstick stun guns at just about any sporting goods store or store that sells camping equipment. You can also buy them online on websites such as Firehouse Personal Safety Products and Amazon, or stores such as Walmart.

Are lipstick stun guns legal?

Stun guns of any kind are legal in most states. Here are the states, counties, and cities in which you may not have a stun gun at all: Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Crawford County, IA, Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD, Annapolis, MD, Chicago, IL, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia, PA . Here are some states with stun gun  restrictions. Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Wisconsin require a permit.

Do stun guns have to touch skin?

No, they don't have to touch skin. The electrical current of stun guns goes through thin clothing. The higher the voltage of the device, the more ability it has to go through thicker clothing. Best practice is to attempt to touch your attacker on the skin with your stun gun so that there is no question about whether or not it will work. Please note that the zapping sound of the current heard when you discharge the device in the air, will not be heard when zapping a person. This is becuse the current is going trhough their body and not just from one prong to the other.

Can stun guns kill you?

In a very rare instance, it is possible that a person with a severe heart condition will be harmed by being shocked with a stun gun. But honestly, how many criminals are going around attacking people and have a severe heart problem that isn't being treated by an MD with medication? What is the likelihood that your attacker is a little old man with severe heart arrythmias...this person will have trouble sustaining his own life and won't be attacking you. These weapons are considered non lethal because the amount of amps used is low, which is the opposite from things such as electric wires at your home. Electricity at home is high amps, making it deadly.

How many volts should stun gun have?

The higher the voltage, the better. The more voltage, the more ability the electrical current has to go through thicker clothing. Taser stun guns can have anywhere from 3 million volts to 20 million volts. You can buy lipstick stun guns with 3 million volts and have an effective deterant against attackers.

What does stun gun feel like?

Have you ever been shocked by static electricity? A stun gun feels like this shock, but on a much larger scale. The longer you touch a person with the device, the more it will hurt.

What stun gun is the best?

The best lipstick taser gun for one person may not be the best for the next. You need to determine what you want and do some research. Read lipstick stun gun reviews to see what other people think. There are many different prices, brands, styles, sizes, and voltages available for purchase. Some of the brand names are as follows: Cheetah, Safety Technology, Zap, Stun Master, and Guard dog. They are all good brands and comparable in price, so a cheap lipstick taser may be as good as a really expensive one. So, you have to decide what is best for yourself and your situation.

Who can buy a stun gun?

Any non felon who is at least 18 years old and lives in a legal state may buy a taser stun gun. If you try to have a stun gun mailed from a website to a state in which it is illegal, the sale will be rejected.



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