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Runt Stun Gun

When is self defense legal?

The definition of self defense is the use of reasonable force to protect yourself, family members from bodily harm by an assailant, if the defender believes that they are in danger. Therefore, it is legal to defend yourself if you feel you or family members are in danger. This, of course, is a matter of opinion related to the situation at hand. If brought to court after you defend yourself your lawyer will help provide evidence that supports your claim. If you carry any type of weapons, non-lethal or lethal, it is a good idea to become a member of a legal defense program. It's no very expensive at all. In Texas, we have Texas Law Shield. They provide lots of classes as well as defense if needed. Look for one in your area.

Are stun guns effective?

Yes, taser stun guns are effective with proper use. First you want to make sure when you leave your home with your device that it is charged. You can plug in the rechargeable runt stun gun for a few hours each month to ensure it is ready to go when you are. Secondly, when using the stun gun, aim for skin or thin clothing. The higher the voltage, the better it will go through thicker clothes. Honestly, you may not have to even touch a person with your stun gun to make them leave you alone. Discharging it in the air for a second to make the zapping sound may make your attacker run the other way. If you do have to shock him, it will cause pain which is a good deterent.

Are stun guns legal in all 50 states?

No, they are legal in most states, but not all. In the states of Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Alaska, Mississipp, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois and cities of Washingon, DC, Philadelphia, PA, and Chicago, Illinois it is either illegal to own and/or use a stun gun or there are restrictions regarding their use.

Check with your local laws before carrying and using one. It is always illegal to carry and use a stun gun if you are less than 18 years of age and if you use it for anything other than self defense. These laws are occasionally updated, so make sure you keep current with the law in your area.

Can stun guns go through clothes?

Yes, all stun guns will shock someone through thin clothing. Higher voltage ones will go through thicker clothing. Aim for skin if possible.

What stun gun is the best?

The best stun gun is really a matter of opinion. You can find many, many taser stun gun reviews online to help you decide what is best for your situation. There are many different sizes, voltages, and great brands, such as, Safety Technology, Guarddog, Vipertek, Zap, etc.

Which is the strongest stun gun?

The strength of a taser stun gun depends on how many milliamps it has. The more amps, the better. To keep them non-lethal, stun guns are less than 5 milliamps. The stronger voltage gives it the push it needs to go through clothing and through a person's body. So a stun gun with 4.5 milliamps and 20 volts will be better than a 4.3 milliamp with 20 volts. One with 4.5 milliamps and 18 volts is better than one with 4.5 milliamps and 15 volts. Get the picture? Btw, the rechargeable runt stun gun is 4.5 milliamps and 20 volts.

How do I use a runt stun gun?

The reason the runt is so popular is becuase is rechargeable, easy to use and disable pin safety mechanism. You can use it as a flashlight even if the disable pin is not in place. To use the stun gun, push in the disable pin and put the wrist strap around your wrist. If you are attacked and the person grabs your stun gun, the pin will come out and they will be unable to shock you with your runt.

When the pin is engaged, slide the side button up two notches and you will see the little red light come on. That means that your device is in stun mode. Slide it back down to the first notch. The red light will turn off and the flashlight will turn on. This is a very bright 100 lumen LED lamp. It will blind you if you look at it. You can use this as your first step in self defense. Try to blind your attacker by shining it in their eyes. They will see spots and may not continue to pursue you. If you can run away, run away fast. If this doesn't work, discharge the stun gun into the air and yell that you will shock them. If they still try to harm you, touch them anywhere with the prong end of the stun gun and hold it for 1-5 seconds. Note that won't hear the zapping noise when it is held against someone because the electricty is going through their body, not from one prong to the other. As soon as they stop coming after you, run away to safety as fast as you can. Your goal is to get to safety, not stick around to see what happens.




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