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Slider Stun Guns

Are mini stun guns legal?

Whether a stun gun is legal depends on location, not size. There are a few states in which they are illegal to buy or carry: Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island. Other states and cities have restrictions on purchase and use, such as Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. Check your local laws since they are subject to change.

Do mini stun guns work?

Yes, regardless of size, a stun gun works. They are non-lethal due to having less than 5 amps. Higher than 5 amps becomes deadly. The most powerful stun guns have 4.9 amps. Then look at the voltage. Voltage is what pushes the amps through clothing and a person's body. Therefore, the higher the voltage, the stronger the ability to go through thick clothes. Stun guns with 10 million volts will still be effective through thin clothing.

What is the best small stun gun?

Ultimately, the best one is the one you have on hand when you need it! To decide which one you want read some small stun gun reviews online to become familiar with the different brands and features. Some of the brands are Vipertek, Zap, Safety Technology, and Streetwise. Do your homework before purchasing. Check the return policies as well so you don't get stuck with something you don't like.

What is the smallest stun gun?

The smallest is the slider stun gun. It is the size of a large USB drive. It is perfect for hiding in your hand while walking through a parking lot or while jogging at night. It is the perfect pocket size stun gun. It also includes a flashlight.

How much are stun guns?

Stun gun prices have a wide range from $15-$100. The higher priced products aren't necessarily the best for everyone. It really just depends on what you are comfortable with.

How long does stun gun incapacitate?

The length of time in which an attacker will be incapacitated depends on the length of time in which he was shocked. The longer you touch him/her with the stun gun, the more he/she will be affected. It will cause mild pain if touched for a second, more pain if touched for a couple of seconds. If touched for 5 seconds, the attacker will likely be on the ground hurting a lot. No one enjoys the pain from a stun gun, so the attacker will likely leave you alone due to the thought of being zapped a second time. The best thing to do is zap and run away fast.

Will stun gun work on dogs?

Yes, they will work on dogs as well as humans. They are made to be used on humans, so there is no guarantee that it won't be deadly to a small animal.

Can a stun gun work as a defibrillator?

No, a defibrillator has many more amps and volts than a stun gun. If you shock a person not in the right heart rhythm you can kill them. It is only meant for shocking certain rhythms. Also, if you are touching the person when they are shocked with an AED or defibrillator, the electricity will go through you. This is not the case with a stun gun. It isn't strong enough to affect you if you are touching the person you are zapping with a stun gun.

How do I charge my stun gun?

Most stun guns are rechargeable. How you recharge depends on the device. The slider stun gun has a cord that comes with it. It plugs into the bottom of the device and into the wall. Some stun guns have slide out plugs that just plug directly into a wall socket.

Is a stun gun a taser?

Yes, a stun gun can be called a taser because the definition of a tazer or taser is a device that can be used to zap a person with electricity in self defense. However, not all tasers are stun guns. Some tasers shoot prongs that attach to the attackers skin. This type of device can be used at about 10 feet away due to the wires that shoot the prongs a long distance. A stun gun has to physically touch the attacker. Some shooting tasers have a stun gun feature. You can shoot the prongs and/ or touch the attacker with the device to shock them again.

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