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Red Runt High Voltage Stun Gun - Bargain Today!

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Quick Overview

The red runt is a high quality, inexpensive non-lethal weapon. Eliminate your fears by carrying a stun gun wherever you go. Prevent an attack before it happens by discharging the electric current in the air!

Available in 6 awesome colors: Red, Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, and Green.

Buy matching colored holster; low-cost, yet fashionable case for your stun gun.

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Get a 20 million volt taser for your personal safety today! The affordable, easy to use Runt Stun Gun will keep you safe from criminals! What are you waiting for?

Runt Stun Gun Features and Specs:

  •     On/off safety switch
  •     Wrist strap with disable pin
  •     100 lumen super bright flashlight
  •     Rechargeable battery, no cord needed
  •     Rubberized coating for non-slip grip
  •     Nylon belt loop holster included
  •     4.5 milliamps
  •     20 million volts
  •     4 ¼” x 1 5/8” x 1”

Are stun guns effective?

Yes, they definitely are! Have you ever been shocked with static electricity? It hurts, doesn't it? Getting shocked with a high quality stun gun flashlight hurts much, much more. It will make your assailant leave you alone or they will be writhing in pain on the ground. Just look at the faces of the people in the video below. Not faces of happiness, these are faces produced by pain! Watch it! It's kind of funny!

How does a taser gun work?

You have to touch a person with the probes on the end of a stun gun for it to be effective. It will send an electrical shock to the person, causing severe pain. The longer you touch a person with it, the more pain they will feel. But the goal is to get away, so once you see the person writhing in pain, run away!

Do they work through clothing?

Yes, they do, but some not as effectively as others. Please note that the higher the voltage, the thicker the clothing can be. Small voltages will only go through thin clothing. It is best to make direct contact with skin in this case. Buy a high voltage stun gun, the highest you can afford. For example, the runt stun gun is 4.5 milliamps and 20 million volts. High quailty and high voltage! Now that's gonna pack a powerful punch!

Do tasers cause permanent damage?

A high quality stun gun flashlight does not cause permanent damage. The devices are called non-lethal devices because the amperage is low, less than 5 milliamps. It takes much more than that to be lethal. But these aren't toys to be played with. It is illegal to use them in any way other than self defense. Practice at home by discharging it for 1 second bursts, but don't practice on a friend. These devices are weapons to be used only as self defense.

What stun gun should I buy?

Tasers come in many different sizes, styles, and strengths. Do some research. Read stun gun reviews and ratings. Decide on a price range. Look up different brands. There are so many varieties available that are all equally effective. It just depends on what you want and how much you want to spend. The best one for you, may not be the best for someone else.

What does they cost?

They can range in price from around $10 to about $200 depending on the features. Some of the cheap stun guns are just as powerful as the most expensive. A high quality stun gun does not have to break the bank.

Can I test my stun gun?

It is a good idea to practice with your device, but only by discharging it in the air for 1 second at a time. As mentioned, they aren't toys so don't test it on someone. Practice how you would react to an attacker. Yell, pull out your stun gun, discharge it in the air, pretend to touch someone, and run away. In a stressful situation, you will react as you practice. If you are in a real situation, you may not even have to touch the attacker. They may run when you test fire it because who wants to get shocked. They may just run the other way. Crisis averted.

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