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  • Collapsible Silicone Camping Dinnerware

    Ultimate survival technologies has made some great products for camping. We carry 3 different collapsible products that are great for bringing to camp-outs because they take up only a tiny amount of space in your backpack or camping gear.

    All three of these products are made BPA free food grade silicone, which makes them safe for food and water. They are heat resistant up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. And the heat will not cause nasty products to leach into your food or water. They are all dishwasher safe, which enables a deep cleaning after use.collapsible water bottle

    The flexware water bottle is a must. Water is the one thing everyone brings camping. You have to have water. It holds 18 ounces or 540 ml of fluid. It is flexible so it won't be uncomfortably rigid when in your backpack. A lanyard is included for easy carrying.

    The flexware bowl has a 24 ounces or 710ml capacity. It is able to hold hot or cold foods. The bowl has a hard rim around the top that makes it easy to handle when filled with food. You can even get this one for home use as it is microwave safe.collapsible bowl

    collapsible mugThe flexware cup is made for both hot and cold beverages. It has a handle that makes it easier to drink hot coffee, tea, or cocoa. It has a capacity of 6.8 fluid ounces or 200ml.

    The next time your are planning a camping or hiking trip, buy these great camping products to cut down on the space you need for your gear.

  • Michigan Approved Pepper Spray

    As of April 2, 2018, Michigan state laws allow the use of self defense sprays with 18% oleoresin capsicum or less. Also, these sprays may now contain ultraviolet dye which can be used by law enforcement officers to identify an offender that has been sprayed. In the past UV dye was completely illegal. Be aware that a restriction on the device size is limited to 1 ounce containers or less.

    It is legal to use a pepper spray product that complies with restrictions as long as you are protecting a person or property that justifies the use of physical force.

    Self-defense sprays may not be sold to minors.

    The above information is attributed to: THE MICHIGAN PENAL CODE

    Pepper spray will be more readily available for Michigan residents to carry for self-defense now that a reform introduced by state Rep. Michele Hoitenga was recently signed into law.

    Attributed to: Michigan House Republicans

    Michigan has now joined the majority of states in our nation that no longer prohibits the use of 18% pepper sprays.

    Whenever you want to buy a device for personal protection, you must research the laws in your area. You are responsible to follow your own local laws. The restrictions may include, but isn't limited to the type of device, size of device prohibited, age of the person buying or carrying device, the need for a license for possession.

  • Should I Carry a Weapon for Self Defense?

    I don't know about you, but I'm mortified by all the issues we are having with teenagers and guns. We have 2 teenagers and my daughter, especially, is frightened for our society and what her future will look like. I don't an answer to give her when she asks why is our world so scary now. All I can say is to always look around you and be aware of who is near you. Look at their clothing, their mannerisms, and their faces. Do they look suspicious or make you uncomfortable? If they do, steer clear and report to your teachers if you see a weapon of any kind or hear any verbal threats.

    school safetyI'm scared for my kids, but I do not believe guns are the issue. Our society has changed dramatically since I was a kid. I grew up in New Orleans, which was definitely not a safe town when I was young (although it's much worse now). We worried about hurricanes, floods, criminals breaking into our homes, being mugged, or, yes, even being kidnapped. But we felt safe at school! And I went to high school in the 9th ward! Inside those brick walls and gates surrounding my school we felt safe. Those walls could have easily been scaled by someone who wanted to get onto our campus, but no one threatened kids at school, especially other kids! Something is wrong with these kids. We have somehow failed as a society to bring them up properly and now they are rebelling. I wish I had a solution!

    My daughter carries pepper spray for personal protection. When she is 18, she will carry a stun gun. Whenever she is ready, I will allow her to apply for her license to carry. As you can see, I'm pro the 2nd amendment. I am pro learning how to defend yourself with a gun if that is your weapon of choice. We have the right to make that choice and it should remain that way. You also have a right to carry other weapons, stun guns, tasers, and/or pepper spray.

    You have the right to self defense! Make sure you use that right! Don't let yourself become a victim because you are scared to carry a self defense weapon. Like I said, it doesn't have to be a gun. But carry something!!!!

  • Buy Alarm for Hotel Room Door

    Personal safety should be on your mind wherever you go. Traveling is no different. You need to carry protection with you just as you do when at home running errands around town. You never know when someone may try to harm you or mug you. Take your devices with you to keep you and your family safe while traveling for business or pleasure. Depending on how you are traveling, plane or car, may determine what devices you can take with you.

    The very least you can do is buy an alarm for your hotel door. You can take these devices with you and won't have to worry about whether it is allowed on your plane.

    alarm to keep door from openingWhen you are staying at a hotel, you need to guard against someone trying to get into your room to steal or harm you. Not everyone who works for hotels are honest, I'm sad to say. An employee can listen for when you are in the shower so they can rob you by slipping in and out quickly. Thankfully, devices exist to guard against that.

    Here are two great ones. A door stop alarm is just what it sounds like. It is a wedge that will stop a door from opening. If someone tries to open the door when it is in place, the 120 decibel alarm will go off.

    senses door vibrationThe door guard alarm is super easy to use. All you do is hang it on any door knob. It will detect vibration, so if someone giggles the door handle or tries to use a key to come in, the alarm will sound with a 98 decibel alarm.

    It's a shame that we have to think this way to guard against harm and theft, but this is our world today. Just stay alert and get some devices to protect you and your family.

  • Buy Best Survival Blade

    Amateur or experienced hikers all need to bring a survival blade on their adventures. You have to bring tools that will allow you to survive in an emergency situation. In addition to this, you can use it for meal prep, cutting tree limbs or brush for making shelters or starting a fire. But ultimately it has to get you through a serious scenario of survival.

    To buy the best survival blade think about what your needs are. How big do you want it to be? Do you want to carry two knives, a small one for meal prep and cutting ropes and a big one for clearing brush or cutting larger dead tree limbs. Either way you want a strong, sturdy blade.

    Some of our survival knives also have nylon, paracord, or paratinder wrapped on the handle. This will definitely come in handy if you need rope for creating a shelter, creating a spear with your knife and a stick or tinder for starting a fire.

    paracord gripOur paraknife has a 4 inch smooth blade and serrated edge. It has 6 feet of paracord wrapped around the handle that provides a secure grip and strong cord if you need it during your hike or camping. It comes with a magnesium fire starter and protective sheath.

    Our black stainless steel survival blade with nylon wrapped handle is a 4-1/4 inch fixed blade with finger and thumb grips. One side is a smooth blade and the other is serrated for sawing. The full knife length is 10 inches. A nylon sheath is included.

    survive emergencyA best seller among our blades is our 15 inch survival knife and kit. The end opens up and contains a compass, sharpening stone, and waterproof matches. This knife is black stainless steel with a smooth side and a serrated side. The handle has a rubber textured grip. Also comes with a sheath.

    You can't go wrong by choosing any of our awesome survival knives. They are all great tools for the adventurist.

  • Buy Best Pool Alarm

    Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among children ages 1 to 4, and drownings send an average of 5,900 children younger than 15 years of age to the emergency room each year.

    Last year, 163 children, ages 15 or younger drowned in pools or spas during the time frame between Memorial day and labor day. That is the very last weekend of May to the 1st Monday of September, just over 3 months. 112 of these children were younger than 5 years old, almost 70%. 74% of these occur at residential pools.

    Attributed to: Pool Safely

    Summer will be here before you know it. As you are preparing your pool for swimming, don't forget to consider pool safety for when your pool is unsupervised. The last thing you want to happen is have your child or someone else's child drown in your pool because you don't have an alarm. You must place multiple layers of protection between your house and your pool.

    The first layer of pool protection that you can put in place is to have your door and windows alarmed so that you will know if your child is going outside. You would not believe how quickly and quietly a young child can escape the house to go play outside. You absolutely need this if you have no fence around your pool. It is your first line of defense to keep your child safe.

    detects movementMany people think that placing a fence around the pool with a special locked gate is the only protection they need. It is only one layer of protection. Little kiddos can often get through these fences. They watch the parents open the gate and mimic how they did it and now they are in a dangerous situation.

    An additional layer of protection is to have a poolside alarm. You don't have to buy the best pool alarm that money can buy. The most expensive is not necessarily the best. Our pool alert system is affordable and is an excellent product. It has two alarms, one for inside and one for outside. It is similar to a baby monitor. The main monitor is poolside and it alarms if it detects a person or animal entering the pool. This sends a wireless signal to the indoor monitor, setting of its alarm. So even if you can't hear the poolside alarm, you will be alerted by the indoor one.

    Ideally, you want all 3 layers of pool protection, alarmed doors and windows, fencing surrounding the pool, and a poolside alarm. At the very least you want 2, always the poolside alarm and either the fence or alarmed exits from your home.

    Interested in reading more about pool safety? Here is a great guide about how to stay safe in a pool.

    Don't leave your child at risk for drowning! Protect against drowning today! Don't wait until it's too late!

  • Best Defense Against Dog Attacks

    repels dogsHave you ever been out walking or jogging and been approached by a growling dog? It is scary, isn't it. If you run, it will chase you. If you stay, it may bite you. So what do you do?

    Most of the time these dogs are pets that have escaped and you definitely don't want to hurt it if you don't have to. Dogs are usually aggressive because they are scared or feel threatened, not because they are vicious by nature. But they can really do some damage if they attack you. So the best thing to do is to carry protection against unfriendly canines.

    What is the best pepper spray for dogs?

    Mace makes a pepper spray to use against dogs. It will cause discomfort for the dog, just like it would on a human. Only use it if you have no other choice when the dog is lunging at you or chasing you. It is inhumane to use it as a result of your fear and also may trigger an attack due to the pain if the dog is not attacking you.


    emits high pitch soundWhat is an ultrasonic dog repeller?

    The best defense against a dog attack is a much less invasive solution, an ultrasonic repellent. This device emits an unpleasant sound that repels animals, but humans can't hear it. If you have a dog at home, you can use it for training and teaching good behavior. It is a form of negative reinforcement. If the dog does something wrong, you press the button to emit the sound that the dog hates. Eventually the dog will quit the bad behavior for fear of hearing the unpleasant noise.

    If you are caught without your devices, here are some tips:

    1. Stay calm, don't yell or kick at the dog. This feeds their aggression.
    2. Ignore the dog, but watch it with your peripheral vision.
    3. Never stare a dog in the eyes, this is perceived as aggression.
    4. Cross your arms and turn to the side to make yourself appear less threatening.
    5. Put barrier between you and the dog, such a purse, stick, or jacket. It may bite the object instead of you.
    6. Stay still for a short time and move away slowly.

    But your best bet is to plan ahead for self defense against animals and buy a dog repellent device.

  • Personal Safety When Walking to Your Car

    woman safetyDo you feel comfortable walking through a parking lot or parking garage by yourself? If you have never thought about it, I'm concerned for your safety! How do you know that there isn't a stranger just hanging around waiting for an unaware woman to be distracted by her phone or digging keys out of her purse. He could jump you in a second and rape you right there or drag you off to his car. Don't be comfortable! Be alert and prepared!

    In 2016, the nationwide rate was 29.6 cases per 100,000 of the population. The total number of rape cases in the United States stood at about 96 thousand in 2016.

    Attributed to: The Statistics Portal

    That is an astonishing number! The number of rapes hit an all time low since the early 90's, but that number is, unfortunately, on the rise once again.

    Another statistic is that women are often raped by someone they know.

    In the majority of the rapes and sexual assaults reported to the NCVS, the victim knew their attacker. Last year, in 39 percent of reported attacks, the victims said the offender was a well-known or casual acquaintance, and in another 33 percent of attacks, the victim said the offender was someone they had an intimate relationship with, including a current or former spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. Only 19 percent of incidents involved victims who said the person who assaulted them was a stranger.

    Attributed to: Five Thirty Eight

    Don't ignore it and act like it doesn't happen because the numbers say otherwise. You have to get armed with whatever self defense weapon with which you are comfortable. Get a handgun, a taser, a stun gun, pepper spray, or a knife. Even a personal alarm is better than nothing, but I strongly suggest you do better than that. Use personal alarms in addition to something else. Just get armed!!

  • Best Women's Self Defense Weapons

    When we are talking self defense, the first things that come to mind are guns and then devices other than guns.

    Not every woman wants to carry a gun. Some do. That's totally up to us and what we are comfortable with. To carry and handgun you have to take a License To Carry class. Not such a big deal, but it's not something you can do immediately. Getting a gun takes time, and it should!

    But what if you want something now? There are many many options, such as a knife, pepper spray, stun gun, kubotans, or other self defense key chains.

    attackedHere are 5 different products to think about when you are contemplating your personal safety.

    1. Pepper Spray - This product works well to throw any attacker off their game. They will be in pain. Their eyes, nose, and mouth will burn and they will not be able to open their eyes to see you any longer. That is when you run. The effects aren't permanent, they will eventually wear off.

    2. Stun Gun - Stun gun effects are temporary as well. These will shock your attacker and cause pain. They may fall to the ground in pain. They are not likely to come at you again for fear of feeling your zap again. You may not even need to touch them, they may run away at the threat of being shocked. Very effective self defense product.

    3. Taser - A taser will give an attacker an electroshock, just like a stun gun. The difference is that you shoot your attacker with the electrodes that stay attached to their skin to continuously make their muscles contract, causing a great degree of pain. The effects are temporary.

    4. Kubotan - Kubotans are made of strong metal or wood, usually on a keychain, that have sharp tips make for stabbing a person who is attacking you. These guys hurt, especially when applied with force.

    5. Disguised knife - Our plastic comb knife is disguised as a hair brush. It contains a strong plastic blade that can cause significant pain when to thwart an attacker. They are sharp enough to cause serious harm.

    The bottom line is don't leave home without a self defense product. You have many options from which to choose. Don't become a victim.

  • Best Self Defense Weapon for Home

    To protect yourself from becoming a crime statistic, such as a rape or murder in your home, you must have a self defense plan. In this plan you should include an escape route from your home, or to get to your "panic" room should a criminal enter your home.

    crime statisticWhat is the best self defense weapon for home?

    For a woman in San Marcos, TX, a stun gun saved her. Apparently she had a stun gun at her bedside which helped her keep the criminal at bay until the police arrived to arrest him. Read more below.

    According to a statement from San Marcos officials, a woman who lived at Treehouse Apartments woke up the morning of Dec. 3 to find a man – who police identified as Cherukuri – crouched at the foot of her bed.

    She grabbed a stun gun and shouted for her roommate to call police, officials said. With her stun gun, she kept him there until officers arrived and arrested him.

    Attributed to: Statesman.com


    Wow, she and her roommate may have been raped had she not purchased a stun gun.

    Home defense starts with the perimeter of your home. Setting up cameras and monitoring them is a great start. Then having an alarm system connected to all entry points is the second level of protection. Thirdly having another layer of protection that you can keep near you, such as a stun gun, pepper spray, knife, or gun, is necessary to keep you safe should someone get inside.

    Unfortunately an alarm system can be costly. The least you should consider is keeping a firearm (which can cost a bunch, plus you have to take a class) or some sort of non-lethal weapon within an arms reach. The latter can be the cheapest option with self defense products like stun guns and pepper spray costing as little as $10. You can't tell me you can't at least afford 10 bucks for your own personal safety! Just do it!

  • What is a Kubotan Used For?

    What is a kubaton?

    A kubaton or kubotan is a self defense weapon usually kept on a keychain. It is a stick that is usually about 5-6 inches long. They are made from very durable metal material and made not to break when used. The purpose of a kubotan is to cause pain. If someone has a grip on you, you can strike them with a kubaton and it will cause incredible pain, causing them to let go.

    exert forceAre kubotans legal?

    Yes, since they are just a metal stick they are legal in most areas. As with any weapon, check your local laws before use. Please note that you cannot carry one onto an airplane.

    poke in privatesHow do you use a kubaton?

    There are techniques that you can learn from martial arts instructors. You may also be able to find a video about how to use one. In general, anyone can use a kubotan to strike an attacker to cause pain at pressure points or soft tissue areas. You can hold them with an "ice pick" grip, with the sharp end towards the bottom of your fist, to be able to slam down forcefully. Or you can hold it with the sharp end near your thumb to make a stabbing motion towards someone.

    What is the advantage of carrying a kubotan?

    In any situation, it is always better to have a self defense tool to use against an attacker vs. just your bare hands. Kubotans are light weight, small, and easy to conceal making them a non-cumbersome weapon to keep handy.

    Are there different types of kubotans?

    Yes, some have finger grips to make it easier to hold. Some have a more pointed end, some are flatter. Some are actually tactical pens with a pointed edge. There are quite a few styles from which to choose.

    Carry the weapon that you are most comfortable with. That tool is different for each person. Just carry something! Don't become a victim because you didn't take the time to buy a self defense weapon.

  • Best Non Lethal Self Defense Weapons

    The news this week has been shocking and horrifying. We went from watching the Olympics to being interrupted with a heinous school shooting. Just awful! The latest evil crime has everyone talking about self defense. What do we carry? How do we protect ourselves and our families? You can always carry a handgun, but if you want a non-lethal option the ones below are the best.

    carry a taser1. Taser Gun

    What is a taser?

    The words taser and stun gun are often used interchangeably. A "true" TASER is an electroshock weapon that is made by the company Axon, formerly TASER international. It is a device that shoot 2 electrodes which stay connected to the weapon by wires to deliver an electric current to the person "shot" with the electrodes. The current causes neuromuscular incapacitation, which is an intense involuntary contraction of the muscles resulting in pain and inability to move. One advantage of using a taser is that is doesn't require close contact. You can shoot a taser up to 15 feet away.



    zap with electric curren2. Stun Gun

    What is the difference between a stun gun and a taser?

    The taser shoots electrodes up to 15 feet away. A stun gun requires contact with a person to shock them with electricity. You can discharge a stun gun into the air to produce the "zapping" sound and the blue electrical current between the probes and potentially scare the criminal away.

    Although there are many different styles, amps, and voltages of stun guns, they all basically do the same thing. The amps and voltages that are the highest will give you the best ability to go through thicker clothing. All stun guns will zap someone when their skin is touched or through thin clothing.



    burn the eyes3. Mace vs Pepper Spray

    What is the difference between mace and pepper spray?

    Traditional "mace" of the past was a chemical called phenacyl chloride or "CN" which is no longer used. Now Mace is a brand name for defense spray or pepper spray. Basically pepper spray is a generic term referring to the products made with oleoresin capsicum which comes from pepper plants.

    The main idea with pepper spray is to incapacitate your attacker with pain and the inability to open their eyes to see you.



    All 3 of these products are used to give yourself time to get away from any potential harm. Use one on your attacker and then run away to safety and get some help.

  • Am I an Easy Target for Criminals?

    Today, the day after Valentine's Day, is Singles Awareness Day. I find it interesting that we have so many awareness days on the calendar now. I suppose it gives people a reason to learn about some important things like the awareness days for different diseases or pay tribute to certain professions such as on Teacher Appreciation Day.

    Why did I bring this up on my self defense products blog today? Well, Singles Awareness Day got me to thinking about safety when you are single. If I were a single woman, I would probably live alone and want to take certain precautions as I go about my day by myself and protect myself when I am home alone.

    target for crimeWhat makes a person an easy target for a crime?

    It is no secret that a criminal may target a lone person vs someone with a group of people. Nowadays when people are alone they are usually on their phones or have earbuds in. It's just easier to attack a person when they are doing their own thing by themselves. But this doesn't have to happen to you! When you are alone, do not allow yourself to appear vulnerable to a criminal. Get rid of distractions. Stand tall. Walk with confidence. Make eye contact with people. AND carry a weapon, lethal or non-lethal. Prepare for the worst by acquiring some protection. Be single and STRONG! You will not be taken advantage of. Make a mugger wish he had chosen someone else.



    defense sprayWhat is the best self defense weapon to carry?

    You have many different option of personal protection from which to choose. A stun gun is a scary thought to some people, but they are extremely effective tools. With some practice, it won't be so scary anymore. Pepper spray is a great option. It comes in many different sizes and  types, such as a stream or a gel. You at the very least should have a personal alarm, which when pressed will alert everyone nearby with an extremely loud siren. Peruse our website to check out all of your options. There are tons!

    We would love to speak to you personally if you have questions about a product or want to talk about your options. We are available by phone 214-729-4991 or email [email protected] Our goal is to keep you safe. We truly care about your safety!

  • Do Diversion Safes Work?

    A diversion safe is a small safe that looks like an ordinary object, but has a secret compartment for hiding valuables such as small jewelry or money. These have become popular as theft crimes become a concern to citizens.

    Diversion safes work great when strategically placed. If you put the mayo diversion safe on the counter, a thief may question it and investigate because it belongs in the fridge. Make no mistake, criminals know diversion safes are out there. This is why you must be smart in your choice of safes and it's placement.

    protect valuablesThese devices are best used in the place you would normally find that item. The hairbrush or aqua net hair spray safe is best kept on the vanity in front of a mirror where you would brush your hair. The soda or beer can safe could be kept in the refrigerator or in the pantry with other cans like it. The idea is not to let your safe "stick out" like a sore thumb. It needs to look like it belongs. These safes are weighted to feel like they contain the appropriate amount of liquid so that if a thief picks it up it will feel like the real product.

    The stone diversion safe is a great one to keep outside in the garden with a house key. Be careful not to make it too obvious. Put it with other similar looking stones, among some plants, or in a flower pot under the plant. The planter is another good one for outside.

    The wall socket safe is a unique one. This one in particular is very popular and very difficult to detect. Since we have large numbers of wall sockets in our houses, a thief is unlikely to go unscrewing all our outlets to see if one is a safe. This is a great place to hide your most valuable things.

    Pick the safe that goes best with your decor and product preferences. Don't get the Dr. Pepper safe if you only buy Coke. Think about where you want place your valuables and what safe would blend in the best. Make a wise choice and your stuff will be safe!

  • Is it Illegal to Record Your Nanny?

    It is perfectly legal to install a nanny cam in your house. However, wiretapping laws make it illegal to record audio without the consent of the person you are recording. To get around this you can install a hidden camera that doesn't have a listening device. Or simply tell your nanny that you have a camera and will be checking in on your child.

    When you place a camera in your home, it must be in a "public" area, such as the kitchen, den, or playroom. It may not be located were someone would expect privacy like the bathroom or your nanny's bedroom if she/he lives with you. Revealing that you have a camera and getting his or her consent makes recording both video and audio perfectly legal.

    What are good reasons for the use of a nanny camera?

    If your child were in a daycare setting, it is likely cameras would be in place so why not at home.

    It is extremely difficult to leave your child with someone while you go to work. Knowing you can see your child and make sure they are well taken care of may give you piece of mind.

    Many parents have trouble leaving their child for fear that they may miss sweet milestones while away at work. If you have a recording you may get to see some of these great moments, even if you weren't physically present.

    You may also want to make sure your child is happy and responding well to your nanny. If they are happy it is likely all is well both off and on camera. If your child cries a lot or acts out, there may be something going on, such as the sitter is on their phone not paying attention to the baby.

    What are some cons to having a nanny cam?

    Cameras have a limited viewing area. There will likely be times when your sitter and/or your child is out of view. But if you have audio, you may be able to hear the sitter talking to your child or talking on the phone.

    Some sitters won't take kindly to being recorded and may become annoyed. To this I say, if they are doing nothing wrong, they won't mind. Explain that it isn't too catch him/her in a wrongful act, it is to make sure all is well and for your piece of mind.

    If you decide to record your nanny without his/her knowledge, you may experience some hostility if they find out. People usually don't appreciate being recorded without consent. It is a form of breaking trust. The best thing to do is tell your nanny you have a camera. If they don't like it, you don't want them anyway. It's best to find someone else.

    Please get in touch with us personally if you have any questions by either email [email protected] or phone 214-729-4991.

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