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Bear Spray

What is the difference between bear pepper spray and those meant for humans?

Animal repellents generally spray much farther than regular pepper aerosol containers. Bear sprays in particular spray at least 15 feet, some spraying 30-35 feet. Animal pepper sprays are also considered humane and deemed environmentally safe by the EPA.

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Can I use bear defense products on humans?

It isn't recommended because animal deterrents contains less concentration of pepper than human products. The animals are easily scared and deterred with a smaller amount of oleoresin capsicum vs humans who are determined can easily ignore the lesser burning effects of the bear sprays.

Why are animal pepper sprays more expensive than the ones for people?

Generally the expense is more due to the size of the canister. You will spray a bear or animal until it retreats so you need more quantity. For a person, a little goes a long way because the liquid contains a higher concentration of pepper, which isn't considered humane for animals.