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Pepper Gel

What is pepper gel?

It's a self defense product just like pepper spray, but the pepper mixture is suspended in a gel. Great for indoor or outdoor use! Mace, Wildfire, and Sabre Red are all different brands that carry pepper gel in addition to their many other products.

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What are the advantages of pepper gel vs pepper spray?

It has several advantages that will make you want to buy pepper gel for self defense instead of a spray.

It shoots a longer distance than most sprays due to its viscosity, which is its thick, gooey, sticky consistency.

It is better for use indoors because it won't disperse in the air like a spray would. It goes straight to the target and sticks to them like glue. It is also great for outdoor use for the same reason. Most pepper sprays are affected by wind. The gel cuts through the wind to hit it's target.

Also, pepper gel contains a stronger formula of pepper than the sprays. It will take up to 45 minutes for the effects to dissipate.

Is pepper gel legal?

Yes, these gels are legal in most areas, but only in self defense. Use of these devices for any other purpose is a crime under the law. Use for any other reason may be punishable with jail time, fines, or both.