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Blue Lil Guy Concealable Taser Gun - Special Price!

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Quick Overview

This great Lil guy stun gun flashlight is the protection you need. It's compact enough to hide in your hand as you go about your day. Your personal safety is at risk if you don't act today. Get your self defense device before it's too late!

Available in 8 other cool colors: Snake Skin, Black, Red, Green, Flower Print, Zebra, Pink, Purple.

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You can't beat this powerful compact stun gun for personal protection. It is tiny enough for even the smallest of hands. Carry effective self defense everywhere!

Lil Guy Taser Features

  1. Safety on/off switch
  2. 4.4 milliamps
  3. 12 million volts
  4. Measurements: 3 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 3/4"
  5. Super bright 120 lumen flashlight
  6. Rechargeable battery that plugs into an outlet
  7. Good grip rubber coating
  8. B;ack nylon holster included

Are stun guns legal?

Stun guns are now legal in most states. There are still some restrictions so please check your local laws before you carry a stun gun.

How do stun guns effect a person?

Stun guns are non-lethal weapons because they don't produce a strong enough electricl current to kill. The current that runs through wires that power our homes, for example, are much, much stronger in amperage than a stun gun. To keep them non-lethal any stun gun you find will be less than 5 amps. The voltages will vary as well, but that doesn't determine lethality.

The effects on a person will be pain. The longer you shock a person, the more effected their muscles will be. If you shock someone for 1 second, it will hurt, and they probably won't want you to do it again. But if you hold the stun gun on them for longer, the more their muscles will tense up and they will become weak, and probably drop to the ground. Then you can run away for safety. 

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