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Fake Wall Plug Safe - Super Price!

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This Wall Socket Diversion Safe looks like an ordinary electrical outlet, but it is a hidden safe for keeping your stash hidden in plain sight. Protect your valuables from your snooping roommate or a thief with this perfectly disguised diversion safe.

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What is a fake wall outlet safe?

It is a hidden safe that looks like an ordinary electrical socket. It is a great place to keep small important things such as jewelry or cash. When you need to protect your valuables, you want to hide them in an inconspicuous place. Hide them where no one would think to look. If a thief comes into your house to steal from you, they will not unscrew every wall outlet to see if one of them is a secret stash compartment. That would take way too much time and effort. Protect your stash today with our electrical outlet hidden safe before someone steals your stuff!

How do I install this hidden wall safe?

The installation is easy and everything you need is provided in the box. Start by choosing a spot on the wall that is in line with the other plugs in your home, so that it looks like it's suppose to be there. If you pick an strange location, your hiding place may look suspicious to a thief.

Use the template provided in the package to draw on the wall the exact location where you want your hidden compartment. Then using the saw provided, cut along the line to open up the sheet rock. Insert the apparatus into the opening you created. There is an edge on the device that will keep it from falling into the hole. Place your valuables inside your new hiding place. Now cover it with the face plate from the box or you may use any plug cover that matches the ones in your home. Using one that matches your home's decor will make it blend in and look like every other outlet. Use the key provided to turn the screw to lock the safe. To retrieve your items, unlock it and remove the face plate.

How big is the hidden compartment?

Interior Dimensions of this wall outlet safe is 2 & 3/16 inches x 2 inches x 5 inches.

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