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Wildfire Pepper Spray Fogger For House Protection - Great Value!

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Quick Overview

Buy our 9 ounce pistol grip pepper spray fogger. Super hot self defense for your home. Intruders beware!




Our wildfire pepper spray fogger is a great product for home defense. If a stranger is at your door, answer with this device in your hand. If the person tries to get in, you can easily fog them or multiple people at once to protect your home and family.

When a fogger pepper spray is deployed it spreads a cone or fog of pepper spray. This is great advantage becuase you don't have to be as precise in aiming for the actual target area of the face. The fog is going to basically spread out and cover a wide area around your attacker. The particles stay in the air that we breathe and it's going to kind of linger in the air. Even if your target is moving around, he will feel the effects of the fog pepepr spray.

Fogger is a great product to use if you are being attacked by multiple people. The fog spreads to everyone. But you need to get out of the way as fast as possible so it doesn't affect you. This spray is easily affected by wind, so make sure you are not downwind!

Wildfire pepper fogger features & specs

  • 1.4% Major capsaicinoids (MC is the only true measure of pepper spray effectiveness)
  • 10% of 2 million SHU's of raw pepper
  • Effects can last up to 45 minutes and cause no permanent damage
  • HUV identifying dye to aid in the identification of an attacker
  • Pistol grip handle for easy use
  • Contains approximately 38 one second bursts
  • Spray range of 20 feet
  • Canister size 8 ¼" x 2"
  • Non toxic, non flammable, non lethal
  • Made in the USA

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