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Blue Armband Safety Light For Joggers - On Sale Now!

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The Blue Safe Steps Armband Light gives drivers the ability to see you when walking, cycling, or running at night.

Available In 6 great colors: Red, White, Blue, Pink, Yellow and Green.

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The most dangerous time for running, walking, or cycling is in the dark. Avoid being hit by a vehicle by wearing bright LED personal safety lights.

How do I keep safe when walking at night?

You must consider personal safety gear for running, walking your dog or any other exercise or activities outside after dark. Always wear light colored clothing. Drivers can see someone wearing light clothing from a much longer distance. So wear white, light, or neon colors. In addition, wear safety lights, either on armband or clip on spurs for your shoes. These lights make you 100x easier to see once the sun is going down. We also sell pet blinkers that attach to a collar to make your pet visible as well.

These lighted armbands or shoe lights are also GREAT for Halloween. They will fit over costumes and may some look super cool with flashing lights. Keeping kids safe while having fun is the goal and our armbands and shoe lights are an easy, affordable way to protect your kids.

You may also consider other personal safety devices such as pepper spray or a stun gun for thwarting an attacker who sees you as a target, especially after dark.

What are lighted armbands?

Our personal safety strobe lights are the best safety lights for runners at night. They have an adjustable section, making them one size fits most. If your arm is really large or muscular, they might be too small. If this is the case, we recommend buying the shoe safety lights. These will fit on the heels of all sneakers.

Both the armband and the shoe lights have 2 modes: steady on lights or flashing lights. You choose your preference. Wearing a device on each arm will ensure that motorists can see you regardless which side of the street you are on.

Each Package Contains 1 Unit so have fun mixing and matching colors by wearing an led armband on each arm.

What batteries do they use?

Our runner safety device runs on two CR2032 batteries that are included and installed for use right out of the package. The run time is 55+ hours on steady mode and 70+ hours in flashing mode.

What happens if it rains?

They are weather Resistant, so if you get caught in the rain, your armband wont be ruined.

What if I don't want to wear an armband light?

There are definitely other options of light up running gear. For example, you could wear an led light vest, led reflective armband, reflective running pants, glow in the dark running gear, clip on safety lights for shoes, or waist mounted running lights, to name a few. If you are biking, you might consider adding lights to your bike on the seat, handle bars, or bike frame. These products will vary in price, so what is best for you may depend on what you want to spend.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy a flashing armband for cycling, running, or walking to be safe in your community at night, so you don't become a statistic!

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