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Wildfire Adherent OC Gel Stream 4 oz - Awesome Sale!

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Quick Overview

Wildfire brand pepper spray is super hot! The Major Capsaicinoids are the true heat measure. As the hottest oc spray you can buy, Wildfire has 1.4% Major Capsaicinoids.  In addition to causing your attacker intense pain, it swells the mucous membranes and veins in the eyes. Their eyes will slam shut and they will have difficulty breathing. This gives you time to find a safe place!




Pepper spray gel sticks to the face of your attacker. It causes burning pain, swelling of the eyes and sinuses, and tearing. It gives you time to get to safety!

Wildfire Pepper Gel features and specifications

  • 1.4% Major Capsaicinoids, which measures the true heat of the spray
  • Hottest pepper spray on the market!
  • 10% Oleoresin capsicum
  • Long distance range of 13-15 feet (longer than typical pepper spray)
  • 4 oz canister contains approximately 18-20 one second bursts
  • Contains UV dye to assist in identifying your attacker
  • Nonflammable solution
  • Sticky gel which adheres like glue to skin
  • Pepper gel doesn't disperse into the air, making it great for indoor use 
  • Pepper gel isn't easily affected by wind due to it's thick consistency
  • Effects can last up to 45 minutes
  • Non lethal, with no permanent damage
  • Canister size is 5 ⅞ inches x 1 ⅞ inches

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