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Civilian Taser X26P | Law Enforcement Style - On Sale!

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Black Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW) Taser X26P preferred by Law Enforcement Officers. Great for home and personal defense. Great taser for security guards.

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The fantastic Taser x26p is for sale to the public. Like the police taser in every way except the shorter range of 15 ft. Civilians can feel protected with a taser!

Police Taser X26P features & specifications

  • Laser & LED light to facilitate accurate aim
  • Range of 15 feet
  • Contact stun mode for closer encounters
  • Weather resistant
  • Ambidextrous safety switch
  • Single Shot CEW
  • Shuts of discharge automatically after 5 seconds
  • Compact size:
    • Height - 3.2 inches
    • Length with cartridge - 7.3 inches
    • Width - 1.3 inches
    • Weight without cartridge - 2.3 ounces.

What else comes in the package?

You will also receive 2 live cartridges, a performance power magazine (battery pack, not rechargeable), long life battery, right hand Blackhawk holster and a practice target.

What are the effects of being stunned by a taser gun?

The probes penetrate the skin and the shock causes neuro muscular incapacitation for 5 seconds. This technology overrides the nervous system only temporarily, limiting muscular control.

What effect does it have on a person under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol?

It is effective even on persons under the influence of both drugs and alcohol, which makes it a clear choice for use in any situation.

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