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Green Runt Rechargeable Taser With LED Light - Great Deal!

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Quick Overview

Your personal safety solution is a green runt stun gun. It's strong electric current will cause intense pain to anyone who tries to attack you. You may not even need to touch the criminal, just the sound of the electricity and sight of the spark will likely make them run in the other direction.

Your green runt stun gun is rechargeable so you never have to worry about buying batteries!

6 super color choices: Black, Pink, Blue, Red, Green, and Purple.

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Runt Rechargeable Stun Gun Green

- Great choice for personal safety! Powerful and easy to use! Protect yourself NOW before something happens! On Sale Today!

What are the features of this stun gun?

  • Safety on/off switch so it won't discharge accidentally
  • Wrist strap and Safety pin so that it can't be used against you if your attacker grabs your stun gun
  • 4.5 milliamps
  • 20 million volt
  • 4 ¼” x 1 5/8” x 1” so it is small enough to carry in your hand, purse, or pocket
  • 100 lumen flashlight for lighting the dark
  • Rechargeable battery so you never have to buy batteries
  • Rubberized coating so it doesn't slip out of your hand
  • Nylon holster included so you can carry it on your belt
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY so you can get it replaced at no charge if it stops functioning properly

Why do I need a rechargeable stun gun for personal safety?

Personal protection is definitely something you need to plan. You may never need to defend yourself against an attacker, but if you are attacked and not prepared, you will regret not planning ahead. If you buy a runt stun gun, you will have the protection you need. More and more people are opting to carry weapons. A stun gun is a great 1st line of defense. Even if you carry an handgun, discharging a stun gun may prevent the need to unholster your lethal weapon.

What should I carry if I don't want to carry a handgun?

You have many options of less than lethal weapons, if you don't want to or it is illegal to carry a handgun in your area. Stun guns, tasers (the prongs attach to the attacker), pepper spray, tear gas, kubotans, and personal alarms are a few options.

What's the advantage of a stun gun?

The advantage of a carrying a stun gun is that most people will flinch at the sound of the "zap" of a taser gun being discharged. You can see the bright charge between the electrodes. Just discharging the electricity for a second may make the attacker run the other way, thereby impeding an attack. Secondly, the flashlight is a very bright 100 lumen lamp, so shining that in someone's eyes will cause temporary vision disruption which may give you just enough time to either shock the attacker or run away.

How do I use this Stun Gun?

The sliding button on the side has 3 positions: bottom position is off (working as a safety), middle position turns on the flashlight, and the top position activates the charge. When the electric charge is active, the red led light turns on, making you aware that it is ready to shock an attacker. All you have to do now is press the shock button and you will hear a "zap" sound and see the electrical discharge between the probes.Touch the assailant with the prongs to shock them.

What happens if an attacker takes my stun gun away?

The runt comes with a wrist band connected to a metal disable pin. This pin fits in the bottom of the taser. When the disable pin is in place, the stun gun will produce an electric current. However, if it isn't in place, such as in a situation where the assailant has grabbed your weapon and the pin came out, it can no longer be used to shock. Only the flashlight will work without the disable pin.

Can I actually practice with this before I have to use it?

As with all of our products, when you buy a runt, be sure to read all the instructions, then practice using your device. The way you practice is how you will react in a time of stress, when you actually need to use your non-lethal weapon. As you practice, only discharge the device into the air for 1 second at a time. Discharging it longer may damage your device and will void the lifetime warranty.

What kind of battery does this stun gun use?

This rechargeable stun gun flashlight combo is ready to use right out of the box. However, it is a good idea to fully charge the stun gun for no more than 8 hours. Overcharging will shorten the life span of the battery. To charge, press in and slide the button on the bottom of the device. The two pronged taser battery charger will slide out and you can plug it into any electrical outlet.

What should I know about a stun gun before I buy it?

Educate yourself about tasers while shopping for one by reading stun gun flashlight reviews. Keep in mind that the best stun gun flashlight combo for YOU, may not be considered the best by the reviewer. The best one for you depends on what you need and how much you can spend. There are many brands and styles of taser guns, such as Stun Master Runt, pitbull flashlight stun gun, guard dog stun gun flashlight, vipertek vts-989b v mini stun gun rechargeable with led flashlight, vipertek vts-880 mini stun gun, vipertek vts-989 heavy duty stun gun, and many more.

How much are stun guns?

They range in price from $10 to $200 depending upon brand, style, strength and size. You can definitely find a high quality stun gun for sale cheap.


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