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Green Blinking Armband For Joggers - Discount Today!

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The Green Safe Steps Armband Light makes you visible to drivers when jogging, cycling, or walking your pet at night.

Available In 6 great colors: Red, White, Blue, Pink, Yellow and Green.

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In 2014, 4,884 pedestrians were killed and approximately 65,000 injured in motor vehicle crashes on public roadways in the United States.

Attributed to: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

That is nearly one injury every 8 minutes. Shocking isn't it! Don't become one of these statistics. 

Safety Lights for Runners

Walking, running, and cycling are great ways to exercise. However, many people work during the day and the only time to exercise is in the early morning before dawn or evening when it is dark. Or if you live in the South, you have to wait til dark becuase the daylight is too hot in the summer. Even if you don't start your jog before dark, it may be dusk or completely dark before you make it home.

If you are on the sidewalk, you will still have to cross at corners, putting you at extreme risk. People driving home in the evening may not be paying much attention due to being tired and/or hungry after a long day's work. This is a dangerous time for walkers, joggers, and cyclists. You want to make yourself visible to motorist to ensure your safety with our ultra bright armband lights for cyclists.

You must consider personal safety before walking your dog or exercising outside. Always wear light colored clothing. Drivers can see someone wearing light clothing from a much longer distance. So wear white, light, or neon colors. In addition, wear safety lights, either on armband or clip on spurs for your shoes. These lights make you 100x easier to see once the sun is going down. We also sell pet blinkers that attach to a collar to make your pet visible as well.

These armbands or shoe lights are also GREAT for Halloween. They will fit over costumes and may some look super cool with flashing lights. Keeping kids safe while having fun is the goal and our armbands and shoe lights are an easy, affordable way to protect your kids.

Lighted Armband Features:

Armband lights for cyclists have an adjustable section, making them one size fits most. If your arm is really large or muscular, they might be too small. If this is the case, we recommend buying the shoe safety lights. These will fit on the heels of all sneakers.

Both the armband and the shoe lights have 2 modes: steady on lights or flashing lights. You choose your preference. Wearing a device on each arm will ensure that motorists can see you regardless which side of the street you are on.

Each Package Contains 1 Unit so have fun mixing and matching colors by wearing one on each arm.

Our armband runs on two CR2032 batteries that are included and installed for use right out of the package. The run time is 55+ hours on steady mode and 70+ hours in flashing mode.

They are weather Resistant, so if you get caught in the rain, your armband wont be ruined.


So, what are you waiting for? Buy a Safe Steps Armband Light to be safe in your community at night!

Here at Firehouse Personal Safety Products, we want you to feel free to ask questions. Please contact us via email at [email protected] or call at 214-729-4991. We love to hear from our customers!

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