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Child Trackers

Do I have to be connected to wifi in order to use the wireless child tracker?

Your phone does not to be connected to wifi for the tracker to work. You want to be on wifi to set up the device, but only need your bluetooth turned on for it to work.

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Are child tracking devices effective?

First of all, anyone with a toddler knows that it can be difficult to keep track of your child, especially if they have a habit of taking off running. Secondly, when you are in a public place with a young child, he or she is at risk of being a victim of kidnapping. By placing a tracker on your child, you will prevent them from being kidnapped or getting lost. Your device will alert you immediately if you child has gone too far. Be proactive and think about prevention vs wishing you had after it is too late.

Do I have to use my phone with the child trackers?

The Panda child guard works without a phone. Place the tracker on your child and then you hold the receiver. The wireless devices work only with smart phones with the specific app made for the tracker.

Can I use these devices with my elderly parent or pet?

You can absolutely place these trackers on adults or pets. Your parent or grandparent may not want to wear the panda due it's child-like appearance, but the wireless devices look like a watch.

For your pet, you want to make sure you place it on their collar where they won't be able to grab the device and chew it.