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Zebra Trigger Stun Gun With Disarm Pin - Great Buy!

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Quick Overview

The affordable,  easy to use Zebra Trigger Stun Gun with Disable Pin may prevent you from being attacked. Have that criminal running scared with just a zap of this powerful weapon. The sound and spark alone will deter an attack almost instantly.

7 great colors: Red, Blue, Black, Purple, Pink, Green, and Zebra.

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Awesome Zebra Trigger Stun Gun has a Safety Disable Pin which disarms electric shock capability if weapon is taken away.  A Powerful Life-Saving Taser Gun!

Zebra Trigger Stun Gun Features:

  • Disable pin on wrist band so if the stun gun is taken from you, it won't work against you.
  • Recharges by plugging into an outlet, so you never have to buy batteries!
  • 4.8 milliamps which is super strong.
  • 18 million volts which helps the shock go through clothing
  • Lifetime warranty so you never have to worry if you stun gun stops working.
  • Rubberized coating so you can hold on tight
  • 100 lumen LED flashlight so you can see far
  • Small Size: 4 5/8” x 1 ¾” x 7/8" so you can carry it in your hand

Why should I buy a stun gun with disable pin?

First let me explain what a disable pin is. In order to produce an electric current with this device, the "safety" pin must be in place in the bottom of the stun gun. It is a small metal piece that is attached to the wrist band that is included with your weapon.

The awesome thing about the disable pin is that without it, the taser gun won't work. So if you are in a situation in which an attacker grabs your stun gun out of your hand, the pin will dislodge from the device and stay with you on the wristband. (So make sure you are wearing the strap around your wrist!) The flashlight will work without the pin inserted.

In what states are stun guns legal?

Tasers or stun guns may be bought, carried, and used in most states. Some states, cities, and counties have restrictions for their use and in others it is completely illegal to use a stun gun. If you are living in an illegal state where you may not own or possess one, such as Hawaii, New York, and Rhode Island, you may not purchase one online either. It is always illegal in every state to carry or use a stun gun for the purposes of criminal activity or anything other than self defense.

Laws can sometimes be complicated and differ in different areas. Also the laws may change so please check you local laws and don't rely completely on this page info.

Great detail can be found at http://www.stungunbuyersguide.com/stun-gun-laws/.

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