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Are Lipstick Tasers real?

Yes, but they may not be the weapons you expect. A lipstick taser is a stun gun with a bright flashlight disguised as a large makeup tube. It does not shoot prongs like in the movie. You have to make contact with someone with the device for it to work or just scare them away with the sound and sight of the intimidating electric arc. The taser featured on the movie Despicable Me is not real. Shooting tasers are available to the public, but they look quite a bit different than the Despicable Me lipstick taser. But the clip from the movie is quite cute as you can see below.

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Do Lipstick Stun Guns work?

Yes, they work just like any other stun gun. They just happen to be disguised as makeup. Get one and see for yourself! You can discharge it into the air to hear and see the electric current. I hope you never have to use your device on anyone because that means you've been in a dangerous situation. But when you buy lipstick taser online, you have taken the first step in personal protection. It's better to have a device, than wish you did!