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MultiGuard Taser Flashlight With Alarm

Boasts 4.9 milliamps & 20 million volts of criminal stopping power! Causes extreme pain!  Powerful non lethal stun gun! Anyone you hit with this bad boy will be sorry they ever decided to attack you because it's gonna hurt like heck!

A great additional feature of this taser that most others do not have is the super loud 120 decibel alarm that will call attention to the criminal and alert everyone around you that you are in trouble. It also comes equipped with a blindingly bright 120 lumen led flashlight.

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Can stun guns knock you out?

No, these devices do not cause unconsciousness. They cause pain from muscle spasms. If held onto a person long enough, they may lose muscle control and fall, but they will still be awake. However, they will likely be disoriented.

Do stun guns work on animals?

Yes, they will inflict pain on an animal just like a human. However, you have to touch the animal with it for it to work. You may not want to get that close to a wild or aggressive animal. It is better to buy animal defense spray, which will shoot pepper spray a long distance, thereby preventing an animal attack.

Can I buy a stun gun for someone else?

Yes, you can purchase tasers for another person. Be sure that you are giving the device to a person 18 years or older and that they are legally allowed to carry and use a stun gun in their area. We are not responsible for illegal use. It is the buyer's responsibility to know the laws.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Unfortunatly, we cannot ship stun guns or pepper spray to anywhere other than the United States.

Is your shipping really free?

Yes, we now offer free shipping for all your self defense and personal safety needs. Doesn't get any better than that!!