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High Voltage Runt Flashlight Stun Gun

Popular due to it's high 20 million volt power and perfect size. Small enough to conceal in your hand. Easy to use, rechargeable, & has disable pin safety mechanism. It has a super, bright flashlight that works even if the disable pin is not in place. To use the stun gun, push in the disable pin and put the wrist strap around your wrist. If you are attacked and the person grabs your stun gun, the pin will come out and they will be unable to shock you with your runt.

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How do I use a Runt Stun Gun?

This device is one of the easiest weapons to use. When the pin is engaged, slide the side button up two notches and you will see the little red light come on. That means that your device is in stun mode. Slide it back down to the first notch. The red light will turn off and the flashlight will turn on. This is a very bright 100 lumen LED lamp. It will blind you if you look at it.

You can use the light as your first step in self defense. Try to blind your attacker by shining it in their eyes. They will see spots and may not continue to pursue you. If you can run away, run away fast.

If this doesn't work, discharge the stun gun into the air and yell that you will shock them. If they still try to harm you, touch them anywhere with the prong end of the stun gun and hold it for 1-5 seconds. (Note that won't hear the zapping noise when it is held against someone because the electricity is going through their body, not from one prong to the other.) As soon as they stop coming after you, run away to safety as fast as you can. Your goal is to get to safety, not stick around to see what happens.