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Do mini stun guns work?

The slider packs a powerful punch, even with it's tiny key chain flash drive size! It cause intense pain, just like larger taser guns.

All stun guns are non-lethal weapons due to having less than 5 amps. Higher than 5 amps becomes deadly. The most powerful stun guns have 4.9 amps. Then look at the voltage. Voltage is what pushes the amps through clothing and a person's body. Therefore, the higher the voltage, the stronger the ability to go through thick clothes. Devices with 10 million volts, like this slider stun gun, will still be effective through thin clothing.

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Are mini stun guns legal?

Whether a stun gun is legal depends on location, not size. There are a few states in which they are illegal to buy or carry: Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island. Other states and cities have restrictions on purchase and use, such as Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. Check your local laws since they are subject to change.

If you try to purchase mini stun gun online and have it delivered to an area in which it is restricted, the sale may not go through. Please note: we are not responsible if you run into trouble for using your weapon in a restricted location. It is your responsibility to be aware of your local laws.