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New Talon Stun Gun

Talk about a great new product by Safety Technology! This small pocket talon stun gun is unique! The talon's trigger is in the palm of your hand & is activated when you grip it tightly. Super easy to use and has extreme stopping power right in the palm of your hand. Grip the talon in your hand and you are ready to fight back. The area of the weapon that sends the jolt of electricity to your attacker covers your knuckles, so all you have to do is hit your attacker with a jab while squeezing the trigger which is hidden in the palm of your hand. Hit your attacker with 18 million volts of grip activated power!

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What are some of the special features of the Talon?

The Talon is rechargeable and comes with a charging cord. It features a 120 lumen super, bright flashlight. When fully charged it emits 4.7 milliamps and 18 million volts of power. It comes with a nylon holster for your belt. The lifetime warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

How do I know if stun guns are legal in my area?

We do have some information on our laws and restrictions page, that we try to update as often as possible to keep up with changing laws. Ultimately, it is up to our buyers to be aware of local laws. You can check online by searching stun gun laws in your county and state. There are some states to which we cannot ship, so if you try to have one shipped to one of those, the purchase will be rejected.

All stun guns may only be legally used in self defense. Illegal use is punishable with fines and/or jail time.

Is there an age requirement for carrying a stun gun?

You must be 18 years of age or older to carry a stun gun in an area in which they are legal.