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Trigger Flashlight Stun Gun

Combo weapon used to deter criminals. Both the powerful electric current & super, bright flashlight can be used for personal safety. Blind them first, then shock them if needed. In addition, this particular model has a disable pin attached to a wrist strap as a safety feature. If your attacker is able to take your device away from you, if you have the wrist strap on, the pin will dislodge, rendering the stun gun useless in the hands of the criminal. A handgun isn't going to do that for you if it is taken away by an attacker.

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How do Stun Guns work?

Stun guns are non-lethal electroshock weapons because they generate a low amperage electric charge with high voltage. The voltage gives the charge lots of pressure, but low amperage makes it non-lethal. When you touch a person with a stun gun, the charge passes into that person's body. The higher the voltage, the thicker the clothing through which the charge will penetrate and the more pain they will feel. The low amperage is not enough to cause permanent damage to the attacker unless it is applied to their body for a seriously long time.

Why are Stun Guns a good weapon for self defense?

Stun guns are great self defense weapons because they cause pain which is a great deterrent, but will not cause death. If you choose to carry a lethal weapon, such as a handgun, you may have unfortunate repercussions if you kill someone. Even if you carry a handgun, you can also carry a stun gun as your 1st line of defense. Carry your stun gun in your hand to deter a criminal, if that doesn't work you can always draw your weapon. But as a fellow handgun owner, I know that using your handgun legally is dependent on the situation. Be careful out there!

How does a Stun Gun cause pain?

The electrical shock emitted by the taser disrupts the person's normal electrical activity in their nerves and muscles. For example, your brain sends electrical signals to your muscles when you need to run away from something frightening. The stun gun causes the muscles to contract which causes pain and incapacitates an attacker for a short period of time. Here is a great example of how we act when feeling pain. When you hit your funny bone, you get a jolt of pain from the nerve being hit. It hurts like heck and you can't do much until the pain subsides.

If you take out your intimidating trigger stun gun for personal protection, any criminal will likely leave you alone. If they don't and you shock them with your weapon, they will think twice about coming after you a second time. They won't want to feel that pain again!