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Knuckle Stun Gun

High voltage non lethal weapon. The electric shock probes cover the hand's knuckles. Use a punching motion to hit your attacker with electricity.. He literally won't know what hit him because the device doesn't look like your ordinary stun gun.

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What types of tasers does zap make?

There are three different types of zap stun guns:

1. Zap makes two that are like brass knuckles in that they fit over the knuckles when gripped in your hand. The blast knuckles extreme has added spikes that are very sharp. It will shock your attacker and stab them with it's sharp edges. The spikes will capture their DNA so that this criminal can be easily identified by police.

2. Double Trouble is a different style of hand grip stun gun that has the probes set farther apart to shock your attacker with double the power. Once he feels the pain from this zapper, he will not want to come back for more.

3. Last, but definitely not least, the 2 walking canes have great zapping power for those who need support while walking or to use as a hiking stick. They are also equipped with blinding led flashlights.

Often elderly people with canes are targeted for muggings. Don't become a victim! These make great gifts for your elder family members. Give them the protection they need to be safe when out and about.

Do I have to touch a person's skin with my taser or can it go through clothes?

Touching their skin is always your best bet because you know for sure that it will work. However, all stun guns will shock someone through a thin layer of clothing. If you can, it's a good idea to zap your attacker in super sensitive areas such as, the neck, face, or groin. He will feel the most pain in those areas.