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What is the difference between a civilian taser and a police grade taser?

They both have the same technology and are made by the same company. They civilian models were designed for personal protection with the public in mind.

The bolt emits the electricity for 30 seconds which gives you the needed time to get to safety.  Police tasers only send electricity for 5 seconds. The range of civilian tasers is 15 feet, which is half the distance of law enforcement devices. It is illegal to use tasers for anything other than self defense.

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Why should I buy a taser over a stun gun?

A stun gun will cause pain. In addition to pain, a taser causes the body's voluntary (or skeletal) muscles to contract tightly and not release until the electricity stops flowing. During this neuromuscular incapacitation, the person has no ability to control their muscle movements.

A taser works by shooting an attacker from a distance. This gives the taser an advantage over a stun gun, which has to touch a person to be effective.

Can taser cartridges be reused?

No, the cartridges are not reusable. You can buy replacements from us. They are sold in packages of two.