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Wildfire Flip Top 2 oz OC Spray - Super Sale!

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Buy Wildfire 2 oz pepper spray for protection against thugs! Strongest on the market with 1.4% major capsaicinoids! Contains UV dye to assist police in identifying your attacker.




Looking for personal protection for yourself or loved one? We have the best pepper sprays, legal in all 50 states! Wildfire, in particular, is the most potent you can buy!

Self defense is our natural god-given right. It's important we arm ourselves properly to quickly take down larger predators or ones on drugs. Our pepper spray is the strongest self defense spray you can buy. It is non-lethal but instantly stops attackers in their tracks. It is the same great strength used by police officers. Our wildfire pepper spray is so powerful that it doesn't matter how crazy on drugs or strong an attacker is, it will take them down! Your attacker's eyes will involuntarily tear profusely and they will cough uncontrollably. They will be in intense pain and unable to continue persuing you. This is when you run for safety!

While we carry many types of pepper shot and mace pepper sprays, gels, and foggers in various sizes, none are as strong as our wildfire brand! Wildfire makes
jalapenos look like a cool glass of milk!

Your peace of mind and safety is at stake! You will feel calm, relaxed, and protected as you go about your day, knowing you have the best self defense spray with you.
Use a legal non-lethal way to protect yourself or loved ones. Don't be a victim, arm yourself with our self defense products!

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